Sunday, January 27, 2013

who is that masked man?

Who and what do you think this is?
This is my MR aka

The mask will be worn in the next few weeks for radiation treatments.  I sure wish they would let us decorate the mask.  Wouldn't it be so much better if we could paint it spiderman-like?  I think if I were getting zapped I would like to a at least pretend I was a super hero.
There's a market in that idea. I know there is, I just know it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

what you smilin' at?

What you got to smile about?  You know, it's true what they say...
Count your many blessings
Love overflowing
keep a positive attitude
someone has it worse

The MR met with Dr Frankenstein(his words) to discuss the surgery to insert a chemo port and a feeding tube.

 We have each other

 We have our cat

 We have our family

What do we have to smile about?  Everything!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

If he is Chemosabe, then who am I?

The MR being so clever has named himself CHEMOSABE as we begin our journey through the chemo and radiation world of cancer treatment.  My question is...if he is Chemosabe, then who am I?
Every Chemosabe has to have a side kick.
It's a known fact.
Every Super Hero has his buddy.
Every comic has their straight man.
Every Lucy has her Ethel
Fred has his Barney.
So....if he's Chemosabe, who should I be.

The obvious choice would be Tonto.
But, maybe I favor another name.
Maybe I'd like to be a different side kick.
Leave a comment, tell me what you think

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Call me Chemosabe

Yes, you read the title correctly.  Chemosabe.
My MR, has started a journal at and one of his latest was so very clever, where with a nod to his upcoming Chemo, he said, "Call me Chemosabe" Very clever.

Even though you may not know my MR, this website is a great way to send encouragement to him.  Here's a link, just tell him Puddin N Pie sent you.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Staircase to heaven

This morning I woke up with a dream about being lost in a huge home, that I knew but couldn't find my way thru the house.

I knew tho house, it was mine. But I couldn't find my way to where I needed to go.

I have heard that a house in a dream symbolizes your life. The house I was in was a grand home(think Downtown Abbey). But each staircase didn't lead me anywhere. Strange huh?

Buuutttt, wait! Our household is going through some changes, some unknowns. We are walking down "hallways" we never thought we walk down. We don't know where we will end up or how the walk will be.

Deep man, deep.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Something Old, Something New....

Just a few days into 2013 and I am learning to take it day-to-day.  For my something new in 2013 I plan on documenting our(the Mr and I) year through photos and scrapbooking the year.  I've chosen to take a picture every 11th and 22nd of each month.  If we are sitting at home on the couch, running errands at the local Walmart or whatever: photos will be taken.  Our JOURNEY this year will start on a road to recovery through cancer.  The MR will undergo treatment very soon.
that's the MR under the Santa beard!

Let's see, in 2012 my blog in review included:
lots of giveaways, many blog postings on family members, laughs about banning Mondays, a design team position, a flickr account, and facebook account for Puddin N Pie
cute little momma

bike riding on old train trestle
my pops back in the day

3 ballerinas canvas

my garden bird bath

favorite scrapbook layout of the year!

my gnomy

miniature xmas tree project

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