Friday, September 30, 2011

Feeling a little fussy?

Fussy, on a friday!?  What's the matter with me? 
If you had to share your pop's lap with a twin, you'd be fussy too!  Move over Jaymie...I need more space!

But, I'm also feeling fussy because I've entered into a "Fabulous Friday Fussy Cut" challenge over at Frosted Designs.  I'm showing off one of my first cards I made. 

I've learned many new techniques since this I made these cards and have been inspired to pull Marie out of hiding for some new cards.  The cards not only feature a Marie Antionette image, but also a BEE image.  The bee is the mascot of my women's club and these cards were made as thank you cards. 

unfortunately I didn't have the right setting on my camera and this card looks a little greenish.  It was yellow.

She's floating in the air!
Be easy on your critiques, remember these are my first cards!  I am excited to try again and make some other techniques.

Getcha Some,
Puddin N Pie

Thursday, September 29, 2011

My hearts a stereo, it's beats for you so listen close...

If you don't know the song I'm quoting here, then make sure and watch the video I've posted below.  It's a cute little diddy that makes you hum all day long.  I've designated Thursday as "What song is in your head" day.  I wake up every morning with some song in my head. 

It could be a ballad from Barbara Striesand or Aerosmith rocking tune or even a Lutheran hymn I grew up singing

"Onward Christian Soldiers...marching as to war, with the cross of Jessssuuuusss, going on before."

I never know and that's the joy of it.  Tell me what song did you wake up to this morning?  Leave me a message peeps, I want to know I'm not the only crazy in the room.  As a dedication,  I'll add the following pictures, because these are the people that my heart beats to:

little brown eyed girl and the MR.

the family unit circa 1970, minus Mom and Kathy

Not that my Mom and sister Kathy don't beat in my heart, just that they aren't in the picture. Silly people.

the sookie girl, helping me send out xmas cards 2010

And, now for the video.  I heart Adam Levine, oh, if I were only 25 again, single and HOT...I'd be a groupie for this man!  Yowsers!

Getcha Some,
Puddin N Pie

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wacky Doodle Wednesday! (and a Giveaway)

One day my sister and I were thrift store shopping.  We turned the corner  and found a whole bin of these little furbie fellas.  (see picture below) They are so cute. We were mesmerized by their sweet faces and innocent nature.  Their cute beaked faces were sending telepathic messages that screamed, "Take us home!  Take all of us home!" 

The furbies innocent, "polly-anna" types would never believe that there was evil in their world.  It couldn't be!  Everything was pink and happy and everyone was singing.  You might understand the furbies mind set better, if you knew according to their profile, the furbies are 2nd cousins the Smurfs--and they are SWEEEETTT.

Unfortunately, there loomed danger for the furbies.  We were able to snap a picture of  the angry pink and purple striped (hahaha! pink and purple--how scary) monster before he rocked their world.(investigative reporting at it's best).

don't look up little furbies. 
My cute little mom has a whole set of furbies sitting by her computer. Remember my mom, the cutiest little german lady on the planet?

78 years of cuteness....get ya some!

Anyways, this my mom enjoys furbies--I guess cuteness needs to be surrounded by cuteness!   It's a little creepy sometimes when I'm using her computer and feel like I'm being watched...but wait.  I am.  I am surrounded by several shelves of our beaked, furry fellas. I'm always a little leary that at any moment they might break out in song. 

Remember you have an entire week to enter into  the most wonderful tag giveaway ever .  Don't dilly dally, get over to that link and add your name to the giveaway.  I have such low follower-ship that chances are high, that you'll win.  (sideways plea for you to help spread the word about my giveaway and in the meantime I gain followers. *guilty grin)

Thanks for stopping by.
Getcha Some,
Puddin N Pie

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tag Tuesday and a GIVEAWAY

This week has been such a fun week!  It was my first ever blog giveaway! I've had lots of blog views this week, gained several followers and visited so many interesting blogs.  Just a quick shout out to a few of my new followers, ya'll go visit them too!  Tell 'em you're stopping by from Puddin N Pie's blog.

Let's get to the give away!  The lucky winner is:  Lori V at Red Shoes and Glitter  Congratulations!  I'll send you an email to get your mailing address. 

I thought I wouldn't be interested in making Halloween tags, but OH MY!  It's so fun to be creative will all the fun stamps, papers, inks and embellies! 
trick or treat!

Close up  of the three.

These three beauties are not only tags, but also a GAME!  What!?  What you say?  A tag and a GAME! Oh my goodness!  While you're standing in line at the Krogers waiting to buy your bags and bags of candy, you can distract yourself with these lovelies!  They are sooo much more fun than Angry Birds.

There will be several ways you can earn entries into the giveaway. 
1. Leave a comment below.(share some blog love with me)
2. If you're not already a follower, become a follower.(you'll like me, I promise)
3.  Share this posting on your blog, come back here and leave your back link.  (soon I'll learn how to add a Mr. Linkie on my blog)
4. Ask your followers to come by, leave a comment and mention you!
That's FOUR ways you can earn chances to win the most spectacular tags ever(in my opinion)
You have until Monday, October 3rd at 5pm (Nashville, Tennessee time).  I'll pick a random winner  to win this set of Halloween tags.  Then, next Tag Tuesday the winner will be revealed!

Getcha Some,
Puddin N Pie

On a side note, as I was driving this morning I heard that Cheech and Chong will be in a new commercial. I was a big fan of theirs back in the day...when I didn't even know what they were talking about. (I was a good girl, just ask my twin)  I had to go to youtube and find their latest commercial.  It just ain't right.  What is the world coming to when Cheech and Chong are peddlin' fiber. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7 of your life

Another Monday and it's time for work again.  Maybe we should start work on Tuesday instead of Monday, then we wouldn't hate Mondays so much.  Whaddya think? 

Let's start a revolution. 

Everyone call in sick today. 
"cough, cough."
"I think I'm feeling sick."

Here's your Monday morning funny!

I bet ya'll have all been in one of those meetings or even been the presenter and wanted to just make some numbers up. I'm just saying....not claiming anything...deny everything.

Remember tomorrow is Tag Tuesday and you can enter to win the set of tags here until Monday at midnight.  Then we'll start it all over again.  Spread the word, I'd love to grow a wider (not literally --noone wants to be wide! tee hee)  audience.
Getcha Some,
Puddin N Pie

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Underwear is important!

It's the weekend *high jump with a round off*
It's been one of those weeks where I couldn't wait to hybernate for the weekend. 
I am so glad to have Saturday with hardly anything to do!  Leave me a comment about your weekend, tell me whatcha gonna be doing?

I think the MR and I will break the bikes out for the first time this year.  Usually we would be on the bikes a lot during the summer, but remember how hot this summer was, read this post.

I'm so glad the MR wore blue undies this day. I'm just saying...

This picture was taken a year ago when we went to Edisto Island in South Carolina. Let me tell is the best kept secret. Not a lot of touristy type stuff, one grocery store, most everything accessible by bike.  We rented bikes for the week and had such a wonderful time.  If it was up to me I'd go to Edisto Island every vacation.  I love it for a vacation time, unplugged, uninterrupted and relaxed.

This past week I needed just a little bit of  retail therapy.  And, of course, stopped by Michaels, don't tell the MR. (although he's probably reading this right now), I bought this.

Martha Stewart cupcake punch

I absolutely can not WAIT to use it!  I've got this idea for a few REALLY cute cards and tags.  Hopefully, I can come up with something new...not something already done.  Ya'll keep watching and give me some feedback. My friends at Faboo Cakes said they would like to have a few of my things to sell at their new location.  Really!  I'll give a try!

I'm so excited for the traffic this blog has received in the past week.  Thank you to my loyal followers who have added a link to their post, sent me some blog love and encouraged me all week long.  I get email notifications on my phone and am so excited when I see an email saying, "New Comment on your blog!"  "Whipppeee!!!"***jumping for joy!***

There's still time to join my first ever my Tag Tuesday Giveaway,
stop by and getcha some Puddin N Pie!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Don't be a drag, just be a queen

Every morning I wake up with a song in my head.  It's random and I never know what it will be.  I keep telling myself that I'll start writing it down for posterity. (or posterior--I'm not sure which)(I hope you get that!)

Do any of my followers have that same situation?  So, this AM I woke up singing Lady Gaga's chorus to Born this Way....
"Don't be a Drag, just be a queen..."
Don't Be a Drag, just be a queen..."
Don't Be a Drag, just be a queen..."

Aren't those funny lyrics?  There's one thing about Lady Gaga, she gets your attention--good or bad! 

I can't seem to find a picture with me wearing a crown to be a queen, and I sure don't want to show you a picture of me being a drag.  So how about the cutiest picture ever(don't tell Sookie, the kitten). 

This was taken at a local festival and the dog was just hanging out. I've always wanted a Great Dane, but don't have the space for a  big a$$ dog like this.   Instead I'll love him and leave him. 

thanks for the hugs
Happy Friday ya'll,
puddin n pie gecha some!

Lady Gaga's Born this way:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Turkey Leg Thursday

It's Turkey Leg Thursday!





I was at a loss for what my Thursday theme should be, we've all heard them before:
Thankful Thursday
Thirsty Thursday
but...I wanted to be different.  How about ya'll give me some ideas and I'll pick the best one! 

We can't end this posting without a picture.  How about this one from my first trip to Florida since I was 10 years old....

Why would they put a shark on the playground at the ocean?  I think that is craziness, traumatic, just plain dumb.  But, I still had to climb inside.  

Remember I am hosting a weekly giveaway and you can enter on this posting!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wacky Doodle Wednesday! (and a Giveaway)

Let's have some fun Wednesday! 
Do you love this picture?  This summer in TN the days were sweltering....sweltering I'm saying.  Like 106 degrees--TN is normally hot, but not that dang hot.  One of those days where I was having to run around all day--which means:
1. out in the heat of the day.
2. car air conditioning doesn't have time to cool down because of the many stops

My twin has convinced me to keep a foam red nose in my possession at all times to help me keep my sense of humor and can see I used it this day.  Red nose story to follow some other time. 

Did ya'll stop by the last posting concerning the Halloween Tag giveaway?  If're in can still enter the giveaway  here.  If this link doesn't work, cause I'm new at this stuff...then just go to my post from yesterday.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tag Tuesday and a Giveaway!

Oo la la!  I've had a whole lot o'fun making these tags.
Last week I found a write up in the local paper on our CEO and so instead of a regular card, I wanted to give her something a little special.  Plus another coworker had just "made it through" a large event for Girl Scout volunteers.  I started the tag with some of my favorite Tim Holtz products. 

For the past few months I've been using the alcohol ink felt pads to apply DI on cards. I never knew there were two different applicating pads.  Geez, what a difference it makes to use the FOAM pads with the Distressed Inks.

For the CEO I wanted to add a spotted puppy to the tag and then the saying: "I spotted you!" and my coworker I wanted to tell her to celebrate for making it through the large event. 

What do you think!?  The dog is the cutiest thing ever, isn't it? I attached this tag with a clip to the newspaper clipping.  It's always good to show your boss some love, isn't it?

This tag I thought would be fun with a ferris wheel of cuppies!  Yes, I'm not very experienced with tags or with grunge board, but how freaking cute are the cupcake stickers. Makes me want to stop at friends at Faboo Cakes new location for some yummy desserts.  

 Now for the giveaway!
I'll start hosting a Tuesday Tag giveaway and you're the first to hear about it!  Whootty whoot!  Since Halloween is just around the corner you'll receive these tags:

There will be several ways you can earn entries into the giveaway. 
1. Leave a comment below.(share some blog love with me)
2. If you're not already a follower, become a follower.(you'll like me, I promise)
3.  Share this posting on your blog, come back here and leave your back link.  (soon I'll learn how to add a Mr. Linkie on my blog)
4. Ask your followers to come by, leave a comment and mention you!
That's FOUR ways you can earn chances to win the most spectacular tags ever(in my opinion)
You have until Monday, September 26th at midnight (Nashville, Tennessee time).  I'll pick a random winner using to win this set of Halloween tags.  Then, next Tag Tuesday the winner will be revealed!

Puddin N Pie, gech-you-some!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7 of your life

I'm working on building readership and have been asking other bloggers advice.  Thanks to Teresa at The Alterered Paper for some great advice. One piece of advice was to blog everyday.  I love blogging so very much and want to find a way to make your stop here memorable.  The MR and I were thinking of some clever themes for each day of the week.  At first we were thinking Magnificent Motivational Monday.  Which is a wonderful way to start the week.   But, pooey, don't we all (most of the time) hate Mondays. 

Don't we all really want to complain about getting up early and running out the door to work.  So, why not be freaking honest about it. Why not make this a safe place to complain about our work, coworkers, bosses and our jobs in general.   Hence the title of this posting!
For me, I love my job more than any other job I've held.  Every single day I work with some wonderful women and get to see little girls change lives right in their own towns or around the world.

But, a job is a job sometimes and sometimes I'd like to do what this guy does...except maybe for ripping my shirt off.  (disclaimer: I am in no way saying I want to quit my job or that you should quit yours..)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Slow Down Sunday, I ain't ready to go back to work...

Durn if it ain't Sunday evening again and I'm gearing up for the work week.  What is your normal Sunday night routine?  Do you pull your clothes out for the day, iron anything and shine your shoes?  Funny story for twin, ya'll remember her, right?
Georgie Porgy, puddin N pie and her twinny: Jaymie
Jaymie makes fun of me cause I'm a little bit over the edge when it comes to organizing.  Maybe not so much now...I've relaxed a little bit--really--really I have.  Her actual comment to me was that I was anal retentive. Welllll...I just don't like the way that sounds, so we'll just say that I'm a good organizer.  

When I was a young girl in high school I was very particular about my clothes.  I would take Sunday and pick out my clothes for the week.  I would organize the clothes in my closet.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  All laid out and ready to go.

I just loved looking in my

closet during the week and seeing my clothes all lined up and ready to go.  Of course there were days when that particular outfit just didn't work for my mood.  We all have those days, right? 
Or, remember when you were in high school and your bff would call and say she was wearing a dress that day and you HAD to wear one too? 

Facebook is a wonderful thing, isn't it? After so many years out of contact with my best friends from high school, I've reconnected with some of my best friends on the planet.  It's so nice to have friends that knew you when you were just a young person with no problems.  I'm gonna give them a shout out before we move forward. 

Cheryl and boo from high school.  Why am I the only one that has her mouth open?

Today I was working a little on canvas I'd like to sell at the Mistletoe Market Place    this November.  By the way, if you're near Nashville TN and want to be a vendor at this, sign up and come on down.  If you spend a couple of days, I 'll give you a tour of Music City.  Here's the beginning of a canvas, I was planning on the lay out. What do you thnk of the cool bird? It's  a vintage image from a bird book from my mother. 

I'm going to color the canvas with light blue acrylic paint, then stamp and then paint again.  A few pieces of collaged papers, covered again with paint.  More stamps, more paint and an inspirational saying--I'm not going to tell you yet. It will be a surprise! 

Tell me what you think of the vintage bird.  I was so intrigued by her and I'll be wrapping her long colorful tail around the canvas.  Yummers! 

sookie giving her 2cents

Friday, September 16, 2011

Taking the plunge!

This week I signed up for my first booth to peddle my wares.  I'm nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof--as the saying goes.  How many of my followers have sold their stuff in a market setting?  Ya'll comment below and tell me your first experiences.  So for me.....this is what it feels like

But, I'm not near as svelt or elegant as this diver. I bet she'll go into the pool without a splash.  You know, that's what they always say during the Olympics..."oh boy!  that dive was perfect, hardly any splash."  Not me, ladies and gent, nope. nada. me. I'm gonna make a big splash...sorta like this fella.

And, I'll look about like he does in a swim suit...just saying. We've had conversations about my girlish figure...remember?  To remind you of my girlish figure, here I am on our wedding day.  The MR and I kept tossing around the idea of getting hitched, but....everytime we talked about it, both of us back pedaled really quick.  We both wanted to take the plunge(you like how I tied that into the title of this post?), but we were skerred of that commitment. 

One May day in 2009, when the the little brown eyed girl was coming for  a visit to TN  I said to the future MR.  "Hey, you wanna get married while the girl's in town?"  And he said yes.  So, on May 19 we went down to the County Mayor"s office and said "I do."  It was funny, I had worked that morning and my sweet friends from work, (who by the way, thought I was nuts for working on my wedding day) came along as my bridesmaids, along with  my sweet little girl and my twinny.  Again, that day I was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof---someone gimme another saying that relates to nervousness!  help a new blogger out.  I know, my friend Eartha Kitsch at Ranch Dressing Blog will have a hum-dinger for me.  Help me out Eartha....

So before we get to the REAL plunge I started talking about. Let's visit this stunning picture.  After my wedding my new inlaws hosted a wonderful reception for the new Horn family.  It was a quaint, wonderful day.  I was welcomed into the arms of the MR's. family like I was a new wife or something. (haha)  My sisters and came to the reception too.  And someone snapped this shot of me, my twin and our baby sister, Nancy.  Nancy doesn't like anyone touching her.  Hands off!  You only get one hug a year--on her birthday.  And, that's it.  So, we were giving her a little ribbing about it ...and....this is the moment caught forever....

one of my favorite of the three of us, really.

mom and dad have this over their mantle (if we they had a mantle)

we made this our xmas photos for that year.....

it is the most stunning visual capture of three sisters ever....

are you ready?

are you sure?

maybe I shouldn't show you?  Maybe you'll fall in love with the three of us and start stalking us?

you wouldn't do that, would you?


here you go

Stunning isn't it!?

Ok. so, back to the plunge I was originally talking about.  The local women's club is hosting a Mistletoe Marketplace in November and offered members a good deal on a table.  I decided I would try it, what could it hurt?  If I don't sell a thing, then I know what everyone is getting for their xmas gifts....ya'll know what I'm talking about. 

Here's where I need your advice....I'm thinking about doing these types of things:
3.5 x 3.5 magnets with inspirational sayings. 
And these:

These are 2x2 memory glass with alcohol inks and stamps magnets.  I was especially excited about these because I'm thinking I'm going to just make a bunch of letters and let shoppers make their own words.  Like:  LOVE
or they could make names like

Followers, I need your advice, what do you think of this idea?  Would you purchase them?  I'm all kinds of excited...kinda like a cat on a hot tin roof. oh.wait. that cat is nervous...not excited. 

My twin says I should make a few of these:

But, I wasn't sure. So ya'll tell me the truth I can take it.  I promise.  I could use guidance from other people selling stuff on how to merchandise the items for best selling opportunities.  If you know a fellow blogger that does this on a regular basis , please share this posting and ask them to give me some good advice.

I'll end with this photo..cause that's what I feel like inside right now:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Encouraging Words Magnet Swap

Happy Saturday Blog Friends! 
Today I have a moment to sit and catch up on the wonderful blogs I follow and also to do a litte posting too.  This time of year is the busiest time of year for me. I'm visiting local schools, hosting Girl Scout events in the park, making radio appearances and generally keeping busy as a bee.  Check out some of these cute shots.....

come and play with me!

I know their moms are proud!

aren't these the cutiest faces!
Thank goodness for a patient hubby that doesn't mind making dinner and handling household chores, while I rustling up some Girl Scouts!  Thank you Mr. Horn....
our wedding day...only a few years back!

If you're a Girl Scout Alumnae(or former Brownie) remember that 2012 we are celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouting.  You can find out about some upcoming events by visiting your local Girl Scout councils website, go to Girl Scouts USA website to find out more.  If you'd like, leave me a comment about your favorite Girl Scout memory.  I love to hear your stories.

This week I participated in a swap with the very talented artists at Gingersnap Creations.  I had to make 4 magnets with encouraging phrases and then I'll get in return 4 magnets from different artists.  **excited** 
I'm very happy with the final look of these magnets and may reproduce them in the future. 
Believe good things will happen to you!
Somebody's gonna do it, why not YOU?
Be confident and proud
dream big dreams, have big ideas

My favortie is the  birdbath stamped image with the words, "Dream big dreams, have big ideas"  Don't we all need to think like that?  Here's a close up where you can see the glossy accents I added to give some dimension to the magnet.(A suggestion from the MR.)

These were magnetic frames from Michaels that cost me a whole whopping $1.49!  First I printed out on regular copy paper the phrases and cut them to fit the frame.  I added Adirondack Alcohol Inks to the frames, let that dry and then slid the copy paper in to the frames.  After that I figured out where I would place the stamps.  After I was all done, I just felt like something else needed to happen.  I pulled the paper with the phrases out of the frames and added distressed ink around the edges in Black Soot.  These pictures were taken before I added the distressed ink.  Take my word for it, adding the distressed inks around the edges really gave the magnet another dimension. 

I love working with the alcohol inks--I need to buy some in all the different colors.  Sookie isn't too fond of them, I guess her little sniffer can really pick up the chemicals from the blending solution and her eyes get all squinted when she smells the bottle. Why is she sniffing the bottle you ask?  Because that's what cats do. 

ready to sniff whatever is on the work table

After a few too many sniffs, the kitten is ready to party!  She even puts silly things on her head!  Sookie, you are now limited to a one sniff limit. 

Have a wonderful weekend people! Take a moment to remember 9/11 and those that serve our country.  Hugs and kitten kisses,

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Archiving Angel Blog Giveaway

Hello peeps! 
One of these days I will have a giveaway too, to gain followers, I 'm just not ready to yet.  Soooo...I'll help others reach their goals.  I've always been a team player...See..there was always a bunch of us and I had to learn to get along. I'm the cute one.

To help my friend at Archiving Angel blog I'm asking ya'll to stop by and be her friend.  Tell her hi from Puddin N Pie.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Check out this video someone posted.  Poor little hummingbirds are our house, we have TWO....!
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