Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vintage Tea Cups

How about a spot of tea?  (best English, mixed with Tennessee accent around)
I'm linking this post to Knick of Time Vintage Style Tuesday, if you love anything vintage, shabby chic, or anything fabulous...then click on over and check out the links.  Go by today and check out some lovely refurbished mantles.  Ooolala!

I'm hosting a tea party and these are their invites

the invite says: "bring your teacup!"

I went thrift shopping and found a bunch of nice china tea cups.  Oh, how lovely!  I hate to admit it, but these cups were 49 cents each.  NOT EVEN 50 cents. I was a little bit sad to think that these beautiful cups belonged to someone once--who paid a pretty penny for matching teacups, saucers and the whole She-bang!  Now they've been discarded to the local Goodwill and sold as pieces for less than half a dollar each.  
It just don't seem right....
very shiny!

I wish you could really see the cup in the foreground. It takes my breath away--the china is so thin that the light shines through. oh my!

Not just china...but FINE china from Japan even!

So tell me...if you got this cup as an invite...would you come to my party?

Remember my giveaway ends TODAY. Scroll down to the posting before this to get all the deets.

Today's the day!

Today is the day I pick a WINNER!  I won't be officially picking the winner until this evening, so come back February 1st to see who wins.

If you haven't entered into my giveaway, click here.  In honor of my mother's 79th birthday I'm giving YOU a prize.
But wait!  There's more!
I have a surprise!
Because of the overwhelming response I will actually be picking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  2nd and 3rd won't get as big of a stash--but it will be a good one!  See you February 1st.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I love visiting this blog on Saturdays, How Sweet the Sound because it's a blog hop of pink juiciness! 
My contribution for Pink Saturday is a tag I'm working on for The Altered Paper Tag a month swap.  I'm not sure who will be receiving this beauty, but hopefully, they won't see this posting--so it doesn't ruin the surprise.

Beautiful paper from my stash, I used my brand new Cricut Expressions to cut the tag with the word LOVE in it.  Don't you LOVE it?  Some beautiful lace from a blog win.  Added some distressed ink around the edges. Remember stickles is my friend and so I added some dimension to the polka dots. 

 We'ved talked about a kitten cat always jumping into the picture....

Flip side of tag. I've been dying to use this birdcage glitter chipboard!  OMG!  Pansy vintage wrapping paper from my mother's stash.  Speaking of my mom....you have 3 days left to sign up for the most terrific giveaway in blog land --well, almost!
And, one more order of business....as a part of Pink Saturday, I went to visit  Just me Shel.  Go, visit, be entertained by some delightfully beautifopl pictures you'll ever see.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Challenge Friday and a giveaway

Hello All!
This month has just flew by, it's already January 27th, which means YOU have exactly 4 days left to enter
this giveaway.  My cute mom turned 79 this month and in her honor we are celebrating with a BIG gift to you!  Whoopy!!!

Recently I found Card Patterns Blog and am so excited, cause I feel like I can actually DO some of these challenges. Ya'll know what I'm talking about, you see some challenge that ask for a red, white, puke green with purple roses layout.  Not that there is anything wrong with a red, white, puke green and purple roses layout. It's just that I am green with envy less talented than the woman that can ROCK that layout AND make you wish you were the ONE that was so clever. Darn you***fist shaking***
 Am I right?

Anyway....there was a sketch....and here's my work:

This started with a brown cardstock that actually was in a xmas 6x6 stack.  I used my brand new Cricut Expression to cut a scalloped circle. Then two full circles(one off white, one patchwork) I cut those two circles in half and put one side each on the blue scalloped circle.

I had a bit of an accident with my automatic tape dispenser at this time.  I wish I had a picture of that....next time...to be sure...there will be a next time!

Some vintage lace from a RAK I won, a little bright pink bling border topped with a butterfly border.
Stickles is my very bestest friend--I used it to add dimension on the patchwork and on the swirls of the butterflies.

 Black embossed "love" stamp from the dollar bin

Chipboard heart with a thick coat of stickles(my bestie) with a diamond bling brad to hold it in place.

Show me some love......

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Who's Who of Famous Girl Scouts!

This is the 100th year of Girl Scouting and we are celebrating! Check out the Who's Who of famous Girl Scouts

Starting with:

According to Huffington Post:

Say it with us: "On my honor, I will try to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout Law." These words echoed through Hollywood when some of Tinseltown's most famous faces were just little girls.
Legends like Lynda Carter, Lucille Ball, Mary Tyler Moore and Shirley Temple Black were all once living by the Girl Scout law and putting their sewing and fire making skills to the test. We wonder who had the most badges on their sashes and vests -- our money's on Wonder Woman.
This esteemed group of ladies are also joined in the sisterhood by scouts of a younger generation, including Abigail Breslin and Dakota Fanning. Both of these young actresses took the oath to "be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do." From our viewpoint, Fanning and Breslin are certainly holding up their end of the bargain.

REMEMBER, YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR A GREAT GIVEAWAY HERE in honor of my mother's 79th birthday.  Only 5 days left!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wacky Wednesday 1-25-12, only 6 days left in the monster giveaway

Hellloooo Peeps!
It's Wacky Wednesday and it's time to share something wacky and silly--just for you!

This clown accosted me at a Girl Scout event. I filed assault charges later in the day...it was just too much clown crotch for me. (i'm just kidding), (except about the crotch)

You have until January 31st to put your name in the drawing for this wonderful stash of stuff.....

In honor of my sweet mom's 79th. birthday. Stop by here to win!

After you sign up for my giveaway, stop at my new friend Cindy's blog.  She's giving stuff away too!
Click Card Crazee Me 53 blog to join her giveaway.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7 of your life....and I'm sure glad we are here to say that.

Normally Monday's I rage on about the misery of Mondays. 
But, today I give thanks instead.  Last night the Southeast United States had some very serious storms come through.  Thank goodness, the MR stayed up through the night to keep us safe.  Around 2am, he woke me up saying we had to get in our safe place.  (That's our half bath on the lower level of our home)

Sookie was very patient as we waited it out in the potty.  She was very upset with me because we forgot to grab the fish tank before closing the door.  Needless-to-say, as soon as we opened the door she went to check on her fishie buddies!

You have one more week to sign up for a gigantic giveaway...I'm honoring my sweet mother on her 79th birthday  and giving YOU a prize.  Go HERE to win

Please keep your thoughts and prayers going for the folks of Alabama.  Some of the news reports say that an entire town was wiped out by tornados last night.  YIKES!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hang on Sunday, I ain't ready to go to work AND a Giveaway

Hello Followers!
One more week to enter into the biggest giveaway EVER on this blog!  In honor of my lovely mom's 79th birthday.  (she's the lovely lady in red in the picture below)
This looks like a whole lotta people, but really, we are missing
Sister Kathy
BIL Billy
Sister Nancy
Daughter Abryanna
Son Micah
My little Brown Eyed Girl: Heather

Happy Birthday Mom!
All my the entries on at this link to WIN!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

1972 was a good year

All this rest of the month I am honor my mother's 79th birthday by hosting a ginormous giveaway! You will want to participate! Go to THIS LINK to find out how to win.  I'll need you to leave your comments on the original post....follow the link! Here's a little sneak peek.

And, there is SOOOO much more.  Here's a cute picture of my parents back in 1972.  Mom would be 39 in this picture, dad would be 45.  They are sitting next to my mother's climbing rose bush that was her pride and joy!

I'm linking this post to Pink Saturday.  Ya'll should go see the pink links on Pink Saturday!

Happy Birthday mom!  All my followers are very excited for the gift you're giving them!

Friday, January 20, 2012

57 years later.....and a Giveaway!

If you haven't heard yet, I am having a HUGE giveaway in honor of my mom's 79th birthday!  Go to THIS LINK to find out how to win.  I'll need you to leave your comments on the original post....follow the link!

Last post, I showed you a picture of my parents on their wedding day, 1955.  Here they are 57 years later.

I'm not sure what the photographer said to make my mom and Dad laugh, but it was good!  
Yes, that's a tiara on my mom's head.  She is the queen!

So, check out this goodness you can win:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In honor of my Mom's 79th bday! Come sign up for a Giveaway!

Hello Bloggy Friends!
In honor of my beautiful mom's 79th birthday I am giving away a huge, big, gigantic giveaway.

1955 wedding photo
Aren't they the sweetest couple ever? (I'm a little biased). Dad was stationed in Germany with the 101st Airborne Division, while my mother worked in Augsberg.  They met through friends, hit it off, but to my dad it was just a little romance.  He got stationed to another base and didn't tell my mom.  Word has it that my mother hunted him down at his new barracks.  (I guess today that might be called stalking) They were married in 1955 at city hall and have been together since! 

Remember you can sign up for a HUGE giveaway. You will want to participate!
Go to THIS LINK to find out how to win.  I'll need you to leave your comments on the original post....follow the link!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A GIVEAWAY in honor of my mommy!

Remember you can sign up for a HUGE giveaway.
You will want to participate!
In honor of my mom's 79th birthday we are giving away a gigantic amount of stash! 
Now look, wouldn't you give away something in honor of this cute face?

Ya'll may not be as impressed as I am at this picture. So let me give you 10 reasons why!
1. She's 79 and looks this good
2. She's freaking cute taking her picture in front of a mirror--like a young kid.
3. She downloaded this picture to her computer and then posted it on Facebook.
4. Yes, she has a facebook with 131 friends and she's uploaded every single family picture to her facebook profile. Every single black and white from the 1950s and all the rest up until preset. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
5. She's styling with her scarf(she loves her scarves and extra special if they have paisleys)
6. Check out those legs!
7. She has had the same hairdo since the 1970s.  She figures if it works--don't change it.
8. The only makeup she wears is a little splash of color on her lips.  Other than that she's au natural!
9.  She's a techno freak. She loves to learn and I aspire to be like her when I'm 79
10. She's my mommy!

Remember, Sookie the kitten will be taking care of your prize until January 31st when a winner will be picked randomly!

Go to THIS LINK to find out how to win.  I'll need you to leave your comments on the original post....follow the link!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7 of your life!

Ya'll know how I feel about Mondays.
They shouldn't be allowed.
They should be banned.
An act of Congress should demand that Monday's be removed from our calendars.
Revolt, I say! Revolt!

Remember you can sign up for a HUGE giveaway. You will want to participate!
Go to THIS LINK to find out how to win.  I'll need you to leave your comments on the original post....follow the link!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

January HUGE giveaway! What do you have to do?

 Today is my mother's 79th birthday and in her honor
It's time to share the love...
Why not?
Who wins--?

just the beginning
What's in it for me?  The feeling of making someone happy!  This is a huge giveaway, you're gonna have to work for it.  But, you'll want to....oh yay!  Here's a few peeks at what you'll receive--if you're the lucky winner!

big pic! paper, glitter, stamps, stickles, bling, emphera, yarn

Let's start this year out with a BANG! How can you win?

if you're a paper-aholic, then you understand the sacrifice....

I love giveaways....

I can't wait to send this to ONE lucky winner!  Below is how to enter....Contest is open until January 31st 5pm, Nashville TN time.

microbeads, FOUR stickles and glitter

You can enter multiple times:
1. Become a follower-leave a comment
2. If you're already a follower-leave a comment
3. Post a blog posting on your blog--leave a comment
4. Post another blog posting a week or more after your first posting--leave me comment
5. Share me on Facebook--leave a comment

yarn, ribbon, vintage lace...oh my!
Are you excited!?  I am so excited to see how many entries I get from this giveaway.  

brand new stamps, plus some of my favorites--lightly used
And, don't you worry, Sookie, the kitten, will be watching over your prize!

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's 2012 ya'll!

Tell me the truth
During the first month of a new year, don't you have to tell yourself that's it's the new year.
You get the priviledge of hearing my thoughts
"It's 20-12"
"don't forget to write 2012..."
Last week I was filling out my expense report for December and kept reminding myself...
"It's 2012, make sure to put December 2012!!"
I even went back and fixed where I still typed December 2011. 

Facepalm..December WAS 2011.  I had to go back and change all the dates...silly me.

The Marie Antionette Tag is one I created for Tag of the Month Swap at The Altered Paper . Go check it out and join in the fun.  At the end of the year I'll have 12 tags from 12 different artists.  The Marie tag was a white patterened paper that I used Tim Holtz Spun Sugar Distressed STAINS, not inks.  (these are new to me) Oh so much fun!
I used a punch/embosser on the corners, added some bling and DONE.

I also swapped with another blogger this tag
I used Distressed ink to color this paper.  Then I stamped some evergreens in the "background."  Added a couple of tickets, plus a snowman and some self made pine trees. 
oh, oh, let me tell you something I did really neat.
I used the Martha Stewart snowflake border punch. (I have a hard time with that punch, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make a punch not be so "sticky")
I punched a border on some scrap paper and gathered the punched snowflakes.  I then added stickles to the snowflakes.  Once dry, I glued the snowflakes randomly on the tag. 

I need to say thank you to Tina at Beansiebabbles blog and Donna at Red Apple Junction Blog for taking the pictures of my tags. I forgot to take pictures prior to sending!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How about a little romance with while we build a snowman?

This year I've decided to hone my craft by participating in more challenges. My first challenge for the year is to sign up for the Tag a Month at the Altered Paper .  Stop by The Altered Paper blog and sign up for swap.  I think you'll enjoy it!  I should be posting a picture of the tag I made...but silly me forgot to take a picture of the tags before I sent them.  Whoopsy--I hate when that happens.

Instead I will show you what I received in the mail.  I actually swapped with two partners this month.
1. Donna at The red apple junction blog
She wrapped her tag in this lovely doily delight, I wish I'd taken a picture without the tag so you could see just how special the wrapping was.
Oh, and the rose...

Now...let us stop for just a moment and adore the stick pin attached to the rosette.  

The second tag was just as delicious as the first....
sent me this cute little note card with a tag and other goodies inside.  

Sookie, the kitten was very interested in this package....I wonder, does Tina have pets?  

sookie inspecting the goodies!
A closer look at this cutie! The card, not the cat.  Well. ok, the cute cat too.  For those that have been following me for the past year. Sookie, the kitten, named after our favorite book/tv series character has grown into a full blown cat.  She ain't no kitten anymore.  

 Here we go, here's a picture without the kitten.Look at the detail in the inking.

If you've been hangin' out this long...then maybe you can give me some insight on the canvas below.  
I've been working on it for awhile. Setting it aside, working on it, setting it aside.  

I'm not finished with it yet.  There are still some more layers I want to add.  I was considering diluting the cream colored paint and adding that to all the canvas except the bird.  Then adding some more stamping 

By the way the bird is from a vintage bird identification book that I stole borrowed from my mom.  
Give me some ideas. What would you do?  

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