Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In honor of my Mom's 79th bday! Come sign up for a Giveaway!

Hello Bloggy Friends!
In honor of my beautiful mom's 79th birthday I am giving away a huge, big, gigantic giveaway.

1955 wedding photo
Aren't they the sweetest couple ever? (I'm a little biased). Dad was stationed in Germany with the 101st Airborne Division, while my mother worked in Augsberg.  They met through friends, hit it off, but to my dad it was just a little romance.  He got stationed to another base and didn't tell my mom.  Word has it that my mother hunted him down at his new barracks.  (I guess today that might be called stalking) They were married in 1955 at city hall and have been together since! 

Remember you can sign up for a HUGE giveaway. You will want to participate!
Go to THIS LINK to find out how to win.  I'll need you to leave your comments on the original post....follow the link!

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