Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The day I read a book cover to cover

I'm going on a road trip and here's what I'm reading!
My twin and I are heading on the road to Ohio to see my little brown-eyed girl. When Jaymie and I get together we get a little out of control. Out of control for 2 wacky kinda gals. I mean we ain't hitting the ecstasy or anything. We just silly car karaoke is all.
We are kinda a big deal....
at least in our own minds.
and our momma's

This week we are traveling to Ohio to visit my little brown-eyed girl, ya'll remember her, right?
If not, check out these blog posts to see some of my favs about her.
Scrapping booking for her
visiting Ohio

We booked an Airbnb, it looks so cute! We'll have access to canoes if we want, a tennis court(I'm a pro-jk) and a swimming pool. And, of course, my little brown-eyed girl will be there too! I will take too much stuff--you know, my hoops, books, my laptop, Keurig: everything a girl needs for a 3 day weekend. 😂😂😂

These are some of the way-cool books I'm taking, that I'll probably never read! Click on the pic to learn more.

this one is fun cause it's a journal/coloring book/reading book

this is a great thought-provoking book

What books are you reading this summer?

I always have my stand by Audible books. I love, love, love Audible.com I listen to it on my commute every stinking day. Do you listen to audiobooks? Since I'm an Amazon Associate, I have a deal for you! You can get TWO free audibles through this link: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Wish us safe travels.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

The day I started packing my shizzle

For a road trip ya'll!
Going on a road trip with my sister! Twin Time along with Daughter Time, I'm in heaven.
I'm excited!

I'm packing my bags for a quick weekend trip to Ohio and I thought I would share with you some of my must have essentials. Whaddya think, good idea? 
My twin travels much more than I do, so during this trip I'll have to ask her what her top items are to pack. I'd love to hear your essentials, maybe they will become my essentials too!

First things first, gotta get the playlist ready for our car karaoke!

 I recently re-signed up for a 30 day free trial with Amazon Music and started putting together a few playlists. "JoyRide 2019" includes some great sing-alongs, you know, like Uptown Funk, Living on a Prayer, Love Shack, Shake it off.
You know, ALL the classics.
What are some of your go-to road trip songs? Lemme know and I'll add them to my JoyRide 2019 playlist.

If you are looking for a music service you should give the Amazon Music Unlimited Free Trial a whirl. (as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualified purchases).

Next, to keep my toiletries in order, I love, love, love this handy-dandy gadget. I bought it for our cruise a year ago and it was so perfect. It has a Lanyard to hold the bottles and hangs over the shower head. Perfect for small spaces and travelling! I purchased the set of bottles because they are TSA approved too, thank goodness! If you click on the pic you can find out more details too.

What else do I have to have on this trip?
Dry Shampoo--def need it to keep my purple hair fresh and this is my favs

Swim Cap, since I have the vibrant colors in my hair, I want to protect it as best I can. I'm excited to have this puppy, err, cat on my head! I just ordered this today with delivery in 2 days with my Amazon prime--they have some cute styles--you should check it out. Swim caps are super chic!

We are staying at an Airbnb with a pool, tennis court, canoes and more! I can't wait to just hang at the pool with my sis and daughter.
Check out tomorrow's posts for my reading lists.

Have you joined the Badass Masterclass?
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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The day my Mom kicked me off the Christmas card list

For Realz ya'll!
(Now listen, stick around to the very end, cause I need your help deciding on something)

Recently I was having a convo with my mom about Christmas cards.
Do you ever have random conversations that you don't even know how they winding around to a subject? It was one of those conversations....Here we were unloading groceries and the next minute we were talking about Christmas cards.

I admitted that I didn't send many cards out in the past few years and Mom proceeded to tell me her system.
She has a list of each person/family she is sending a card to, as she writes the card, addresses and sticks a stamp on the envelope--she checks that name off the list. 

That's terrific, I LOVE  a good system, #Ilovecheckmarks 

So then, this cute little momma of mine tells me about the second column on her Christmas card list. The naughty or nice column. 
The column that will make you or break you.
This is the column where she checks if you sent her a card.
(note to self, ask Mom if she will show you the list--It's a great need of mine to see it)

Then with the cutting her throat gesture, my sweet momma said, "Two years and no checkmark--you are off the list." 

We both just laughed and laughed and laughed. 
And, then seriously, I said, "I better get some Christmas cards..."

Here's where I need your help...
Which of these would you choose? 1, 2, or 3
BTW As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

It's not too early to purchase Xmas cards, is it?  
I've narrowed it down to these 3--please help me decide.
(if you can't see the images below, copy the website url into internet explorer or firefox)

1. These have a cool retro vibe and are blank on the inside so I can write a nice note to my mom about how much I love her and wish her a merry holiday, yada, yada, yada.

2. What!! Scratch and sniff Xmas cards. No freaking way! I'm really leaning toward these.

3. A real classic selection. I love buying a box of cards with options. So if I really like you you'll get the cutest card and if you're kinda a friend you'll get the dullest card. haha

Monday, July 29, 2019

Sing a New Song!

Ever had one of those days where you think, "Crud....really!?"  Today was one of those for me.  I have this great mechanic, he is a mobile auto tech, so the fella comes to you wherever you might be.  Wonderful!  Today, I called and asked him to give my car a little check before a road trip I'm about to take. Welllll........it wasn't a good check up for the little Chevy.  $300, yup, just like that.  *snapping fingers*

One thing that really just makes me a nervous wreck is car troubles.  For many years I was a single mom and was always nervous about taking my car to a shop where I never knew if the mechanic was taking me for a ride.  Ya'll know what I'm talking about.  Now, I have a good mechanic, but all those negative feelings pop up whenever I need work done on the car.  It helps to write it now, so I can say...ok, it's not that bad. Thankfully, we are able to fix this problem BEFORE I'm on my road trip.  Right?!

Ok, let's end this post with some fun stuff.  Would you like that?  I would!
This week's Summer of Color at the Kristen's blog Twinkle Twinkle is yellow.  Ooooh, do I have something for you!  I was so excited to finish this.  It came out so much better than I could have imagined.  My twinny is starting a new chapter in her life, one morning I woke up with this quote in my head: "Sing a new Song."  She's not much of a singer, but, that saying can work for anyone.  Here's the project:

Isn't it lovely!?  It came out so much better than I ever could imagine.  This is an 8 x10 canvas with acrylic paint in yellow and orange.  A few music sheets collaged onto the canvas and painted over again.  I used some Tim Holtz stamps around the edges with Walnut Ink distressed ink.  I added the bird stamps that I could die for!!  I added the metal frame for accents (I get a bonus entry in the summer of color yipee!)  Yummy.  Here's a close up:

I stamped my sister's named on the canvas to personalize it and it just happens to be right next to a little birdie.  First thing my sister said was, "the little bird is singing my name!"  I didn't correct her, why spoil the moment. *grinning from ear-to-ear.*

The swirlie-cues (I don't know what to call that, so that's what I'm gonna call it!) were a nice accident.  It was another bird stamp, different from the others that didn't quite stamp a clear image.  I thought, "Oh well, let's just cover it up with this one..."  And Viola!  A wonderful accident.  I used gold stickles on the swirlie-cues.

Because this chapter in her life will bring my twin some hardship, pain and struggles, she needed a little encouragement.  I added those often used stamps "Believe" "Hope" and "dream" along the edges.  What fun! What fun!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tee pee Time

I knew exactly what my entry would be for the Craft Hoarders Anonymous challenge, "folded."  A tee pee card; where you take three 6" x 6" pieces of paper, folded diagonally, attach them as shown below using your choice of adhesive.  It's a delicate task because you want the edges aligned perfectly and very important to have a sturdy paper, this way when the card is set on it's tee pee edges the paper can hold it's own weight.   These types of cards are so dramatic and fun to give as gifts because of their uniqueness.

side ONE
The fun part is the design, you have four sides to the card to design, see:
Side TWO--I melted the sequins with my heat gun, love it!

Side THREE lots of layers and colors

and the fourth side is the inside, where I added the sentiment:
note, I used velcro dots to hold the card together.
This card can be folded flat and mailed, see:
and here are some of the scrumptious details!
This key has been in my stash forever,I love the little cardinal.  

this bird and birdcage are delighful, I added stickles to the star.
This chipboard birdcage I painted, distressed and added the pearls.  The "love tag" I added the alpha stickers and attached to the birdcage with an old necklace.
(I have a thing for birdcages and birds)
The gold, silver and bronze "beads" are from a christmas floral arrangement.  I thought they looked terrific tucked in between the flowers.   

This card will be perfect for someone at the hospital where they can prop it up on the window sill or beside table. Note the butterfly stamp tucked under the flowers.  I love stamps, have collected them since I was a little girl and love to find little places to put them in my work.  

Thanks for coming by for some Puddin N Pie.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hangry Lizzie--check it out!

photo courtesy Hangry Lizzie
Favorite new blog, it's brand new but they are adding content all the time.  Start following Hangry Lizzie on Facebook too!  We all like friends, even Hangry Lizzie.
website/blog  Hangry LIzzie

Linking up to
Thursday Favorite Things 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Weekly Round UP June 3rd

Come join along at the 

This week I found inspiration all over the web for card designs.  It's just amazing the talent and diversity a person can find in the blog world.
Look at this gorgeous Butterfly found at
My Creative Chaos

I so dig this summertime colors in this birthday card.  I am totally going to make something with this color scheme! Can we say Pinned!  Follow all my Pinterest boards because they are way cool.
Paper. Markers, Ink, Oh MY!

This takes a lot of patience(something I don't have a lot of) and even-handedness to color in a stamped image. Amazing!
My Crafting Place

Thanks for stoppin' by for some Puddin N Pie

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