Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The day I read a book cover to cover

I'm going on a road trip and here's what I'm reading!
My twin and I are heading on the road to Ohio to see my little brown-eyed girl. When Jaymie and I get together we get a little out of control. Out of control for 2 wacky kinda gals. I mean we ain't hitting the ecstasy or anything. We just silly car karaoke is all.
We are kinda a big deal....
at least in our own minds.
and our momma's

This week we are traveling to Ohio to visit my little brown-eyed girl, ya'll remember her, right?
If not, check out these blog posts to see some of my favs about her.
Scrapping booking for her
visiting Ohio

We booked an Airbnb, it looks so cute! We'll have access to canoes if we want, a tennis court(I'm a pro-jk) and a swimming pool. And, of course, my little brown-eyed girl will be there too! I will take too much stuff--you know, my hoops, books, my laptop, Keurig: everything a girl needs for a 3 day weekend. 😂😂😂

These are some of the way-cool books I'm taking, that I'll probably never read! Click on the pic to learn more.

this one is fun cause it's a journal/coloring book/reading book

this is a great thought-provoking book

What books are you reading this summer?

I always have my stand by Audible books. I love, love, love Audible.com I listen to it on my commute every stinking day. Do you listen to audiobooks? Since I'm an Amazon Associate, I have a deal for you! You can get TWO free audibles through this link: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Wish us safe travels.

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