Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Dik and Dot! Oh my!

It's true I'm a gnome fan.  I've had a love affair with gnomes since I was a little girl and would visit my mother's bff and she had cuuuttee littlen gnomes in her garden.  This was way back in 1970, so her gnomes were cool, way before they became "trendy."

Dik and Dot, the gnomes.  Chickadee and Myrtle and Pepe, the ladybugs.

I've never been particularly interested in Salt and Pepper shakers, but when I saw these cute gnomes in a retail shop...I had to have them. We named them Dik and Dot after a couple of neighbors.  Just because I love they way Dik and Dot sound together.  The neighbor actually spells his name Dick, but I thought it was much cuter to name this gnome with an interesting spelling.

Also in this picture is a set of ladybug salt and pepper shakers I stole from my mother's home.  My cute mom, ya'll remember her, right?  The cutiest little 79 year old on the planet?

I took these cute little ladybug off her hands and decided to name them Myrtle and MR and my nicknames for each other.  We decided this one was Pepe...

He's lost one of his antennae in some horrendous accident, that we dont' even want to imagine. How horrible for Pepe!

Family portrait of all my kitschy stuff. We couldn't wake sleepyhead up for nothin'.

Oh, and here's a little bit of cricut cut cards....

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