Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wacky Wednesday 1-25-12, only 6 days left in the monster giveaway

Hellloooo Peeps!
It's Wacky Wednesday and it's time to share something wacky and silly--just for you!

This clown accosted me at a Girl Scout event. I filed assault charges later in the was just too much clown crotch for me. (i'm just kidding), (except about the crotch)

You have until January 31st to put your name in the drawing for this wonderful stash of stuff.....

In honor of my sweet mom's 79th. birthday. Stop by here to win!

After you sign up for my giveaway, stop at my new friend Cindy's blog.  She's giving stuff away too!
Click Card Crazee Me 53 blog to join her giveaway.
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