Sunday, June 3, 2012

Welcome to Wonderland

This year I have the garden I've always wanted. I had a vision for the birdbath...
I wanted to add some bedazzle....
I added some bling by simply adding some mardi gras beads, marbles and a little duckie.  And lots of ribbon. I had such a stash that I needed it was ok for me to use it here.
Remember the glass dome is actually a vintage light dome that I've turned upside down, added some solar lights inside and some mardi gras beads and tonight it will glow.

Can't wait for this evening!
Long shot of birdbath. Do you think the birds will come have a drink?
Here's the other side of the birdbath

I had the camera set on "BEACH" and the picture turned out a bit too bright on the glass dome.

This fairy was boring.  I added some more color, bling and glitter!

 She's so delicate with her toes pointed. I thought about adding "toe nail polish," but decided not to today.
A lady bug and her babies under a big stained glass hosta plant.  The bugs are eating that plant up. Must be yummy to them?
A sleepy little gnome

 A chandelier hanging in a bird cage and tied with a ribbon.
There are three of these in varying colors..wowsers!
I bought the birdcages last year at Michaels.  The color was a pastel yellow.  I spray painted it with Sterling Silver paint.  Added the chandelier--which was a xmas ornament.
 A colored glass tree-kind of. It's actually a trellis for my newly planted butterfly bush.

 The other side of the garden is more traditional, I have two statues.
1.  This Grecian Goddess watching over the herbs pots.

Do you dig the big wooden spoon, there's a fork too hidden behind the statue.  The two poles you see are a shepard's hook with hanging  plants and a tiki torch.  (I have never been a fan of the torches, but decided to try them for mosquito repellent. It works--go buy you some)
In the foreground is a solar spotlight.  I love the solar lighting we have available now!
2. the second statue is my homage to Savannah, Ga and "The Garden of Good and Evil" She was a discounted statue and you can see why--she has a smooshed face. But, that's ok.  I still love her!

The last details I want to do is add are directional signs. One arrow pointing toward "Wonderland" the other pointing toward the "Statue Garden" and then one finally pointing toward the house that says "Love Nest."

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