Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Working it to the finish

The next steps on the journey to the green summer of color project....
 This is a graphic from The Graphics Fairy.  I took the image and transferred it to my gesso painted canvas.

This project is for my little brown eyed girls 25th birthday present.  She's always been interested in fashion.  Even as a toddler she was always changing her clothes.   Once I found her standing on a chair looking at the clothes in my closet.
"What are you doing, Heather?" said Mommy.
"I looking at your pretty clothes, Mommy." exclaimed the little brown eyed girl.
At three years old she wanted her first sewing machine.  She got one, it used markers to mark paper, but worked just like a sewing machine.  It looked similar to this:

 For this color challenge I decided to use it as a jumping off point for a birthday gift for my little girl.  First I added the graphic(above), then I added collage paper.  I found some vintage patterns at a local thrift and used the paper to add some personal touch to her picture.

Of course Sookie had to add her 2 cents to the project.

I had to give you a shot of one of my favorite storage containers.  I love finding old lunch boxes at thrift stores.  This little beauty was just sitting there waiting for me one day.  Also, you can see some of the papers I used for the collage.

Here's a partially finished picture and oh boy! Do I have a finish for this baby.  I can't wait to get to the last touch.  It is gonna rock!
 Below is a close up of some of the paper.  Lot of vintage wrapping paper straight from her Oma's stash.  My little German mother is quite a pack rat and if I had the space--I would have more "stash" too!  Good thing I live in less that 1000 sq. feet.  When you squint your eyes you can see the Mother Goose wrapping paper with little bow peep and her sheep.

 Once the Mod Podge dried I added some random stamping.

Next, I'm going to add a layer of beeswax to the collage.  Right now, I'm 
waiting for the wax to heat up and writing this post.  Should be ready anytime!  

By the way, I learned this technique from an article in this magazine Somerset Holiday Celebration 2010  and artist:  Lucy's Crafty Life  I was waiting to check out at the local craft store and was flipping through this magazine. I saw this picture Lucy Edson "flower garden" and KNEW I needed to learn how to do this technique.  

Here's our little brown eyed girl:
Xmas morning 2010, just hangin' out

Heather and her step dad 2009
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