Sunday, December 30, 2012

four generations side by side

Check out these four pictures. Love them!!
From left to right.
My grandmother, Gertrude circa 1940 around 40 years of age
My mother, Gerda, circa 1953 at 20 years old
Myself, circa 1991 about 26 years old
My daughter, circa 2012 at 26 years old

I love to see how my grandmother and my daughter have the same eyes and intensity.
Then my mother and myself look so much alike.

Cool retrospective!
This needs to be a scrapbook page!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Charlie Brown Tree makeover!

Happy Day Ya'll!
I love this reindeer!

My twinnie and I were out shopping trying to figure out what to do with this tree.  And voila! We found these wooden reindeer for 11 cents. Unfortunately there were only 3.  Had to place them strategically on the tree, but they are so glamorous!

Here's a before picture of this tree, nothing wrong with it, but I wanted something different!

I spray painted the tree-which by the way, can be done.  I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed until I got the desired look.  Which ended up a coppery, goldish tone.

Topper, beaded fruit and lots of glue!! Pearl garland, gold balls and red cardinals and gold pinecones = glamour!!

 up close of pine cone...

 To fill the middle of the tree I added the beaded fruit in the middle.  E6000 is your friend.  (google it)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wild for Christmas

Merry Christmas my dear followers!
What a wonderfully, purple-y day to have!
Enjoy this little bit of wild for your Christmas!
Here's a couple more shots!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Darlin' duex

Yesterday on this posting, I told you about miniature xmas trees I created for our staff meeting.  Here's tree number 2.

I call it my "Naughty or Nice" tree.  I found all of the decorations at the Dollar General store.  This cute little ornament was $1 and it MADE the tree!

This tree was a remake from a silent auction tree that needed a little bit of pizzazz!

Tulle is a great, inexpensive way to fill in those gaps.  

This little Naughty and Nice tags were from toothpick toppers, I yanked the toothpicks out and glued the tags to chocolate kisses.  

The second best find was a kitchen towel in the same them.  NIiiiccceee!

Which have you been this year?
Come back tomorrow for a view of this tree:

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone

I had such fun this past few weeks creating miniature Christmas trees for our staff meeting.  The following were given away as door prizes.  Now, because I want you to come back next time, I'm only going to only give you a few pieces.  Come back tomorrow!

giddy up tree

I found this boot at Hobby Lobby, perfect for this cowboy/horse themed tree!  I was so excited!  The sheriff star is a party favor.  Note the star garland and burlap accents.

Since these trees were for our holiday staff luncheon I wanted this tree to honor our Girl Scout camp were our 40 horses live.  at the top of this photo is just a little peek of one of the horse trading cards added to this tree.  This particular horse is running.  Below the trading card is a bell that made a fun jingle!

I had to add this photo, my MR added some scratches to the bottom(top) of this boot to make it  look realistic.  Note, the kitten in the background.  She was watching the birds out the window!

You just never know what will work on any particular themed.  I was walking through the Dollar Tree and saw these clips in the hard ware section.  "Ding!" a light bulb went off as I thought the bright red would really pop on this tree.  

Last picture of this tree. I was so proud to use shoe strings and strips of a bandanna to make these lassos!  Yippeee ki OH!

Come back tomorrow to find out about THIS tree!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Define Good

Dear Santa,
Define Good.
Isn't that great?

Before this little tree looked like this, 
Nothing at all wrong with this little tree, chocolate kisses all over it. Who wouldn't want this little tree? 
This little tree was entered into a silent auction I was hosting this past weekend, unfortunately it wasn't "show-Y" enough to capture many bids.  My boss ended up bidding on the tree and now this beauty will make a second appearance at our staff meeting. One lucky staff person will take this little tree home!

Watch for  a better picture in the next few days as I fill the tree just a bit more.

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