Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hold on Sunday, I ain't ready for Monday yet

Heading out to spend some time with my parents today. I find so much fun in uncovering vintage pictures from my parents' stash. Look at these pictures I've recently uncovered.

These pictures will be featured in a scrapbook layout later in the week. Make sure to come back and see what I've done with them.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time Travel Thursday 7-25-12

Yesterday I left you wondering...what time period should we travel to today?  Hmmmmm....
Since it's summertime, let's travel back to 1962ish where my mother made matching dresses for her 3 baby dolls.

See you later in the week for my newest scrapbook layout. Thank goodness I've made My Cricut Craft Room Design team, so I can take all these photos and put them to good use.  I'm really, really excited about a "movie night" layout I'm working on.  Can't wait to share!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

News Day Tuesday 7-24-12

It's Tuesday and time for another what's trending in the world feature story Remember I'm only doing this for fun, small print....this news will only be fun, silly and purely delightful content.  If you want the real news...go turn on CNN. just saying.

First off, before I get to the news. Let's look at this fabulous piece of blown glass. If you ever get a chance to see an exhibit of Chihuly Glass--GO. GO. GO. It is the most amazing blown glass eVeR.
Probably 12 foot tall piece

Another set of those big flower like bowls.  These were my favorite, they reminded me of Alice in Wonderland colors.
 Other side of this picture
 Upclose with a fountain in the background.  I was practicing my photography skills.

ok, so what's trending?
1. the shooter that shall not be named.  What the heck is coming of this world that someone has to go into a movie theater and shoot people. Did he think he was playing Grand Theft Auto?  which by the way, the MR has recently purchased and plays all the time.  I see now why parents don't want their kids to play that game. Bring back Mario**fist raised in protest**

2.American Idol hosts.  I've never been a fan of the AI franchise, it never floated my boat. Me, I'm a Survivor Fanatic--AI  can go sing a solo without me.  But wait, hold the phone, Steven Tyler was a host for a bit.  And as creepy as he is now, he's still a hunkkaa hunka Steven-freakin-Tyler.  Yumminess. 

3, Ashton Kutcher. love him or hate him for dumping Demi, but for me he's a keeper.  Personality plus a sense of humor. He can eat crackers on my couch anytime.  

So, remember to stop by tomorrow to see some plain old silliness with Time Travel Thursday.  Where will travel to tomorrow?  50s? 60s? 70s? or my big haired days of the 80s  
 Until then, rock on with your bad self.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Double Dimples!

Today at My Cricut Craft Room the theme is the Letter D, stop by the blog and see what other Design Team members have done, I'm sure you'll be astonished and amazed!

Here's my scrapbook layout for the letter D.  I am soooo proud of my layout, remember, I have 20 years of photos that need a home. 

I used the Cindy Loo font at 2" for the D and at 1 inch for the lower case letters.  The circles were cut from the Accent Essentials cart and if you'll notice I saved some of the circle remnants for the lower right corner.  

 Here, my little brown eyed girl and I had our pictures made in the winter of 1992.  We matched....aren't we adorable?  I was happened to have pink polka dotted with black paper---that matched our matching outfits.  

Upclose details:
 What goes on behind the scenes...Sookie the kitten is always right next to me.
 another freakingly adorable bird. I attached eyelets to each circle, attached with string and also used Glue Dots to keep the letters in place.

 Is this lamp so chic?  It was something in my stash and I figured it looked cute there.  I attached the ribbon to it and some glossy accents to make the base shine. The lamp is set on top of remnants of the circles, thought it would make a cool accent.  Added a brad at the top.

Remember to stop by My Cricut Craftroom for more projects from the design team.
See you tomorrow for news day Tuesday!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

H2Oooooooo Scrapbook Friday.

Hello All,
It is Scrapbook Friday at My Cricut Craft Room, did I tell you I am a new member of the Design Team?  
Yes....that's right, this chick, me. Georgie Porgy, Puddin N Pie, has made a design team. 
And, you my lucky reader are here reading my very first posting to the team.
Whoopy!!! **throws confetti in the air"
The theme for today is Water Parks and sticking to my vintage family photos, I picked a homemade waterpark from my childhood.  The waterparks back in my childhood where the local pools or swimming holes. Our family's water park? The inflatableswimming pool, circa 1964.  Included in the layout are my three older sisters.  And, I think these are some of the sweetest pictures, ever.

Yes, that is a cat's foot and bushy tail in the photo.  That's the way we roll in this house.
Here's where Sookie, the kitten was right before this shot.
But, let's stop looking at my cute kitten and check out my 1964 water park.  
Some of the highlights:
I used remnants from a  Cricut cut flower for the clouds.  All three frames are from Happy Hauntings frame#3 and I clipped off the swirleys and the bats.  (I would've like to keep the swirley's, but I'm still mastering the pressure/depth and speed of my cricut and some of the intricate designs were ripped.) bummer.

I LOVE this little birdie.  You can't tell in this picture, but he is a shiny blue. I stamped TWEET with brown, cause every bird needs a song..
 I added shading around letters, clouds and other places using my favorite shading markers: Faber Castell Pitts.  Wonderful pens--I wish I had the whole set.  One day....
 I used the Plantain Cartridge at   2" size to print H2O.
This tag actually tucks in behind this picture. LOVE.

I cut a bunch of flowers from Live Simply, layered and mixed and matched.  Added some stickles here and there, some brads and more stickles--you can never have too much stickles.
 Here's a little upclose of the most favorite picture of my three sisters.  They still smile like this today!

 Little tags upclose. Distrissed inks to color.
One final picture:
Remember to stop by My Cricut Craftroom for more projects from the design team.

Time Travel Thursday July 19, 2012

Hello Blog Friends,
Welcome to my weekly Time Travel day.  Today I thought we would visit 3 generations of 18 year old young women.
1st my mother: Gerda, 1951

Then me, Georgie, 1983 

Then my little girl, Heather in 2004
And, since we are talking about 3 generations, lets see all three of us together.
And, let's tie this into more dimples...just a little sneak peak.  Full photo to follow in the next few days.  Can't wait to show you!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wacky Wednesday picture and a Sneak Peek for Friday's posting

a few little kitschy things in my kitchen, Dic and Dot the gnome family.  Pepe and Myrtle Lady Bug and Chicken Little who took a few minutes out of her running around yelling, "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" for this photo op.

Oh, boy! Can't wait for you to see what I have in store for you!  Here's a little sneak peek.

Congrats to Bwahana for winning last week's giveaway!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Time Travel Thursday 7-12-12

Hi Followers!
It's one of my favorite days of the week: Time Travel Thursday.
I'll be making something from these photos, but for now you can see some cute pictures.
It's so very hot here in Tennessee...why not take a dip in the pool.  My three sisters prior to my birth (watch out world, the twins are coming)

 Fill up the pool....
Remember to stop at this link and enter into the giveaway for my grandmother.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

this is a repeat, but worth it...AND appropriate since the little brown eyed girl lives in OHIO and that's where this picture was taken...AND I'm going to visit her a week from now.  Make sense.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

News Day Tuesday 7-10-12

A few months ago I started my own little trending Tuesday posting and well....we find it's Tuesday and time for another feature story.  small print....this news will only be fun, silly and purely delightful content.  If you want the real news...go turn on CNN. just saying.

Trending today:
1. Tiger Woods
2. Big Brother Season Premier
3.Gas Prices

Hooo boy...really exciting stuff to talk about. 
1. Why is Tiger Woods's about golf, right.
2. Big Brother Season Premier...who cares---I'm a Survivor Fan. stinking Big Brother.
But wait, Russell Hantz, self proclaimed best player of Survivor ever, will be on Big Brother. Gawd, he's one of the characters that you love to hate. Won't be watching BB, bring on Survivor. 
3. Whoot Whoot! Looks like gas prices will continue to drop. Good, I'm about to take a little road trip. 

Remember I have a little giveaway in honor of my grandmother at this posting. Stop by and leave a comment.  

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday is a lame way to spend 1/7 of your life!

Happy Monday Ya'll!
I participate in The Altered Paper Tag Swap--go visit, you can still be a part of these monthly swaps. Plus, Tee has swaps going on all the time!
I made two tags:
!.  More vintage, with Lady Liberty and darker reds and blues with added vintage lace and a button and oh! red gingham ribbon!

 The flip side I used a rub on to create the maps and swirly stuff.  I just discovered rubons--I had no idea what they were and exactly how to use them.  I found a video on youtube....geez, you can find anything on you tube.
 The second tag I made was more bright with red, white and blue!  Lots of sparkly and a really cute shaker! I love to buy these kinds of things when the season is over and things go on clearance.  Heck, the 4th of July comes around every year.  The "shooting stars" are from a dollar store necklace--cool effect huh?!

check out the little charm--I bought these wine glass charms at a yard for probably 25 cents.

Remember I have a little giveaway in honor of my grandmother at this posting. Stop by and leave a comment.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Favorite Quote of the Week

Happy Saturday Ya'll,
I'm spending my day inside making several tags and cards today, I wish it would be cool enough for a bike ride, but... 104 degrees is not my kinda heat.  I love to close out the week with some fun quote I heard through the week.

Here's the story!

This is my twinny with her famous red nose and her friend Monchichi.  Monchichi was her son, Michael's baby from the time he was  one year old.  You can see this cute little monkey is much loved!  My sister posted this picture on facebook with a Happy Birthday wish. Here are the comments that went along with picture--read through them, I promise you'll laugh.

Mom: There's a special monkey in my life having a birthday soon. oh yeah and Michael too!
Michael: he's looking so rough!
Mom:He looks well loved Michael. See that bare spot on his chest? That is where you tucked him under your arm.
Michael: hmm. i don't think so. i distinctly remembering giving him a haircut.
Mom: Haha! The truth comes out
Michael:i really regret covering his eyes with fingernail polish that one time!

Well, maybe you had to be there and know the two of them. I love the truth coming out that Michael gave the monkey a haircut and nail polish on his eyes.  Funny!  The things we find out as our kids grow up!

Remember to stop by this posting for this week's giveaway in honor of my grandma Lila! It's better to give than receive, hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Freaking Fantabulous Giveaway July 6, 2012 helped me choose a winner from last week's giveaway of this magnet reminding you to LAUGH
The winner is:

adorable doggie! Great saying on your piece.
Congratulations Paula!  
Now, for this freaking fabulous giveaway we'll honor my grandmother who's 112 birthday would be today.  She was a very special lady to me, stop by yesterday's posting to see why this is the giveaway today!
  One lucky entry will get this book plus 111 items from my stash
If you've read this far, then you know this is a great giveaway!! You'll get a little love from Lila, learn more about her here.

Leave a comment below, like me on facebook for another entry.  Please let me know you're a new Facebook  fan.

Linking up to Friendship Friday 
Come back tomorrow for my favorite quote of the week. You're gonna love it!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time Travel Thursday

It's the day of the week where we venture into my family's photo albums to see what we can see.
Today's photo is in homage to my paternal Grandma, Lila Seay from Georgia. 

L-R, Lila, Fred(husband), aunt clara, uncle clarence, unknown, aunt eula 
She was a lady of many tales, she could spin a yarn like nobody else.  She was the sweetest, kindest and wisest woman on the planet.  And, I miss her very much!

Her birthday would be this Friday, so maybe, just maybe we'll giveaway something special in memory of my grandma. Come back tomorrow, but if you want to enter into this week's giveaway click this link.

even the dog is smiling!

Some of my favorite sayings of my grandmother were:
"Georgie if you do ______for me then I'll dance at your weddin."
"He's just a ring tailed tooter....."
Some of my favorite stories included:
  • We are kin to Jessie James the famous outlaw(oh boy!!)
  • She was a triplet, that was switched at birth and her real name was Delila. Her triplet sisters died young.  I've asked my dad to confirm, but he can't.  He says, "Your grandma, she was good at telling tales." 
  • When she was young her hair was black as night, with a white streak down the middle like a skunk.  
  • My great grandfather married an Indian squaw

One more little story and if you're still reading, thank you!  I know most people have clicked onto another blog by now.  My sweet grandma came to live with us after our grandfather passed away.  She was 75 years old and illiterate.  My twin and I were learning to read and write in school and my VERY smart mother had us sit on either side of her and teach her our lessons.  She was our captive audience...I can just see us chirping away in her ears--in stereo!

Before long my grandmother was reading on her own.  She subscribed to Harlequin romance book club and every month she received SIX romance novels and read them over and over and over again!  Yes, she loved them! At her death she had a gagillion romance novels.

When we learned to write my grandmother would have us write her letters to relatives, but soon, Lila learned to write too!  It was an exciting day the day my grandmother wrote her first letter.  I can remember it to this day.

Her pride in herself that she had written on her own without any help at 75+ years her first letter.  Later she also learned cursive writing.  What a bright woman!

Lila and my mother, circa 1975. My mother was probably younger than I am now. 
Hand me a Kleenex please
If you've stuck around this long to listen to my time travel Thursday, leave me a comment about a favorite memory of your grandparents.  Come back tomorrow to see what we'll be giving away in honor of Lila Seay.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wacky Doodle Wednesday! (and a Giveaway)

Wednesday brings laughter and joy to your day.  Especially since it's Wednesday and oh such a better day then stupid ole Monday.

For my US friends, Happy Fourth of July!

No matter your politics this video will make you laugh.  Who knew the Prez had the moves!
A perfect video for our Independence Day celebration!
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