Saturday, July 7, 2012

Favorite Quote of the Week

Happy Saturday Ya'll,
I'm spending my day inside making several tags and cards today, I wish it would be cool enough for a bike ride, but... 104 degrees is not my kinda heat.  I love to close out the week with some fun quote I heard through the week.

Here's the story!

This is my twinny with her famous red nose and her friend Monchichi.  Monchichi was her son, Michael's baby from the time he was  one year old.  You can see this cute little monkey is much loved!  My sister posted this picture on facebook with a Happy Birthday wish. Here are the comments that went along with picture--read through them, I promise you'll laugh.

Mom: There's a special monkey in my life having a birthday soon. oh yeah and Michael too!
Michael: he's looking so rough!
Mom:He looks well loved Michael. See that bare spot on his chest? That is where you tucked him under your arm.
Michael: hmm. i don't think so. i distinctly remembering giving him a haircut.
Mom: Haha! The truth comes out
Michael:i really regret covering his eyes with fingernail polish that one time!

Well, maybe you had to be there and know the two of them. I love the truth coming out that Michael gave the monkey a haircut and nail polish on his eyes.  Funny!  The things we find out as our kids grow up!

Remember to stop by this posting for this week's giveaway in honor of my grandma Lila! It's better to give than receive, hope you enjoy!

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