Tuesday, July 3, 2012

News Day Tuesday 7-3-12

A few months ago I started my own little trending Tuesday posting and well....we find it's Tuesday and time for another feature story.  small print....this news will only be fun, silly and purely delightful content.
If you want the real news...go turn on CNN. just saying.
Are you excited?
Can you catch your breath?

What's trending today:
1. Kate Middleton is a gold digger
2. Jenaba Tarmoth runoff
3. Anderson Cooper gay

I had to investigate all of these to make sure what I was reporting was concise and accurate. 
Oh, wait, this is MY blog....and I do have that stipulation thingy above--this isn't really news.  

So, my take
1. Kate is a gold digger--really?  She married a prince. gee, you're just jealous.  
Me? I'm jealous of her sister Pippa who's back side single cheeked(get it butt cheek?) crashed Twitter.  Hence picture above.  Now this really is a fact: Pippa's  pretty little tush caused 67 tweets per second during the royal wedding.  REALLY people.....there are little kids in Africa starving. stop looking at her booty.  

2. Jenaba who?  do really need to google that one..if you know who/what this is, then do enlighten me!
3. Anderson Cooper gay, duh!

Ok, so that's the news for today, Tuesday, July 3, 2012.  Go visit this posting for my itsy bitsy giveaway.  And if you're too lazy for that, then just come back this coming Friday. I'll be hosting another little giveaway then.  

By the way, we haven't seen a lot of Sookie the Kitten lately.  So here she is commandeering my swimming float for her personal bed.  I tried to pull it away from her and she stood on it and slid along the floor as if she were skiing.  What  a cat!!

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