Tuesday, July 10, 2012

News Day Tuesday 7-10-12

A few months ago I started my own little trending Tuesday posting and well....we find it's Tuesday and time for another feature story.  small print....this news will only be fun, silly and purely delightful content.  If you want the real news...go turn on CNN. just saying.

Trending today:
1. Tiger Woods
2. Big Brother Season Premier
3.Gas Prices

Hooo boy...really exciting stuff to talk about. 
1. Why is Tiger Woods trending..it's about golf, right.
2. Big Brother Season Premier...who cares---I'm a Survivor Fan. stinking Big Brother.
But wait, Russell Hantz, self proclaimed best player of Survivor ever, will be on Big Brother. Gawd, he's one of the characters that you love to hate. Won't be watching BB, bring on Survivor. 
3. Whoot Whoot! Looks like gas prices will continue to drop. Good, I'm about to take a little road trip. 

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