Tuesday, July 24, 2012

News Day Tuesday 7-24-12

It's Tuesday and time for another what's trending in the world feature story Remember I'm only doing this for fun, small print....this news will only be fun, silly and purely delightful content.  If you want the real news...go turn on CNN. just saying.

First off, before I get to the news. Let's look at this fabulous piece of blown glass. If you ever get a chance to see an exhibit of Chihuly Glass--GO. GO. GO. It is the most amazing blown glass eVeR.
Probably 12 foot tall piece

Another set of those big flower like bowls.  These were my favorite, they reminded me of Alice in Wonderland colors.
 Other side of this picture
 Upclose with a fountain in the background.  I was practicing my photography skills.

ok, so what's trending?
1. the shooter that shall not be named.  What the heck is coming of this world that someone has to go into a movie theater and shoot people. Did he think he was playing Grand Theft Auto?  which by the way, the MR has recently purchased and plays all the time.  I see now why parents don't want their kids to play that game. Bring back Mario**fist raised in protest**

2.American Idol hosts.  I've never been a fan of the AI franchise, it never floated my boat. Me, I'm a Survivor Fanatic--AI  can go sing a solo without me.  But wait, hold the phone, Steven Tyler was a host for a bit.  And as creepy as he is now, he's still a hunkkaa hunka Steven-freakin-Tyler.  Yumminess. 

3, Ashton Kutcher. love him or hate him for dumping Demi, but for me he's a keeper.  Personality plus a sense of humor. He can eat crackers on my couch anytime.  

So, remember to stop by tomorrow to see some plain old silliness with Time Travel Thursday.  Where will travel to tomorrow?  50s? 60s? 70s? or my big haired days of the 80s  
 Until then, rock on with your bad self.

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