Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail

Monday, April 7, 2014

Mondays are a lame way to spend 1/7th of your life

For Sure...
It's nothing personal Monday
It's me not you.

This weekend my dear Mr took me to see Wicked the musical.  Oh my goodness if you haven't had the chance to see this musical-go. Save your pennies, mark it on your calendar and go!  I could see it again and again.

It was funny and enchanting and fast past AND it had a surprise ending.  All good things.
One scene had the "good" witch and the "wicked" witch in a wand/broom battle.
Lots of references in the dialog to the Wizard of Oz, like:
Elphaba(the green witch) says to her sister, "Well, you know, there's no place like home...."

Go see it.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Hoop there it is

Best workout ever!
Hula Hooping! Low impact, joyful, and contagious.
it's contagious.
Don't you want to pick up a hoop when you see this photo?
By the way, I'm the one in the tiara.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Two for ohhhhh

Hello Cupcake,
Why yes, I'll gobble you up. Thanks for offering yourself up for my daily caloric allowance. (I wonder how many weight watcher points you'll cost me?)

This particular set of pics are from our big four ohhhhh birthday, we celebrated by painting pottery and spending the day together.  That year I surprised my sis by decorating her work cubicle.  Funny thing, some of her coworkers thought I was my sister decorating my cube for my birthday.  If you knew my twin you would understand her co-workers thoughts.
That's they way she rolls: Party time!

For my bloggy friends leave  me a comment on what kind of camera you use to take pictures of your projects.  I have a $100 camera: Nikon coolpix L100.  I'm trying to learn how to use it, but am just not happy with it's clarity.  I am using more lights and I've learned to use some of the advanced settings....
but...I suffer from camera envy.

a little dark on the left side.  

I'm including these in Anything But a Card mini Challenge, where I used 3 stencils: chevrons, cupcake and stars.  How have you used stencils?  Leave me a comment on what type of media you used and even a link to the posting.  I'll come by for a visit to your blog.  Don't tell the Mr but I have so many stencils that I haven't used yet...thank goodness Ryan Gosling is ok with my spending at Michaels.
Hey Girl

I'll be adding this layout to the Color Me Scrappy color challenge & to My Scraps and more Sketches

This little corner of the layout includes features from Life and Creations of Tee: butterflies, buttons and pearls! Love the little sequins running up the page too!

One more challenge I'm linking to is The Shabby Tea Room "Bits and Bobbles"
where I needed to include flowers, buttons, prints and a sentiment.  

 Happy birthday Twinnie--you are literally my other half.
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Monday, March 24, 2014

Character development

Way back at the turn of the century
Hell yay,
Turn of the century.
Seems like eons ago.
I remember staying up on NYE 1999 to party like it was 1999(old Prince song). Now...I party with my teenage daughter as much as a mom can party. But...party we did--right into the new century.

I found this blog challenge that is called Child's Play Challenges, where they use iconic childhood toys as inspiration.  The latest challenges encouraged participants to use pipe cleaners(chenille sticks for today's crafters) and I just happened to have these really cute pipe cleaner flowers in my stash collection.  My friends at Craft Hoarders Anonymous would be so proud.  I added some rhinestone brads in the middle of each flower, the picture doesn't do it justice.  

If you're like me and you have 20+ years of photos in a box and need a little inspiration, follow the link to some of these blogs(and many more)  There is so much inspiration for you-go check it out!

I played along with this sketch Creative Scrappers Blog  and this color themed blog, Creating with Paper and More

If you're quick you can still play along!  This was a great way to use some scraps which followed along with the guidelines from this challenge blog:  Lasting Memories Scrapbook Layout Challenges
There's 10 different scraps in this image.
Within the scraps is a card front I made and didn't use. See the yellow layer? I used a template and modeling paste for the "white" part of the image, but before I added the stencil I used water and distress stains to color the  white card stock--which follows along with the challenge over at S.W.A.T. blog: mixed media!
cool layers of scraps
I know you're in awe of my abilities.
I know you are.
go on
admit it.

go on


Well shucks, you've gone and hurt my feelings by not admitting my awesomeness. I guess that means you better leave a real nice comment below to make up for it.

Attached to one of the pipe cleaner flowers if a die cut tea cup with a star and a key-that reads JOY-!

And finally because we sparkle, I added some sequins and wood veneer stars along the photo edge.  The challenge blog Craft Hoarders Anonymous asked me to show off my stashed glitz and sequins certainly fall into that category. I have sequins hoarded from as far back as 1980s..
no judgement people.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Girls just wanna have fun!

Dance Party Friday, ya'll dance with me.

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