Thursday, July 5, 2012

Time Travel Thursday

It's the day of the week where we venture into my family's photo albums to see what we can see.
Today's photo is in homage to my paternal Grandma, Lila Seay from Georgia. 

L-R, Lila, Fred(husband), aunt clara, uncle clarence, unknown, aunt eula 
She was a lady of many tales, she could spin a yarn like nobody else.  She was the sweetest, kindest and wisest woman on the planet.  And, I miss her very much!

Her birthday would be this Friday, so maybe, just maybe we'll giveaway something special in memory of my grandma. Come back tomorrow, but if you want to enter into this week's giveaway click this link.

even the dog is smiling!

Some of my favorite sayings of my grandmother were:
"Georgie if you do ______for me then I'll dance at your weddin."
"He's just a ring tailed tooter....."
Some of my favorite stories included:
  • We are kin to Jessie James the famous outlaw(oh boy!!)
  • She was a triplet, that was switched at birth and her real name was Delila. Her triplet sisters died young.  I've asked my dad to confirm, but he can't.  He says, "Your grandma, she was good at telling tales." 
  • When she was young her hair was black as night, with a white streak down the middle like a skunk.  
  • My great grandfather married an Indian squaw

One more little story and if you're still reading, thank you!  I know most people have clicked onto another blog by now.  My sweet grandma came to live with us after our grandfather passed away.  She was 75 years old and illiterate.  My twin and I were learning to read and write in school and my VERY smart mother had us sit on either side of her and teach her our lessons.  She was our captive audience...I can just see us chirping away in her ears--in stereo!

Before long my grandmother was reading on her own.  She subscribed to Harlequin romance book club and every month she received SIX romance novels and read them over and over and over again!  Yes, she loved them! At her death she had a gagillion romance novels.

When we learned to write my grandmother would have us write her letters to relatives, but soon, Lila learned to write too!  It was an exciting day the day my grandmother wrote her first letter.  I can remember it to this day.

Her pride in herself that she had written on her own without any help at 75+ years her first letter.  Later she also learned cursive writing.  What a bright woman!

Lila and my mother, circa 1975. My mother was probably younger than I am now. 
Hand me a Kleenex please
If you've stuck around this long to listen to my time travel Thursday, leave me a comment about a favorite memory of your grandparents.  Come back tomorrow to see what we'll be giving away in honor of Lila Seay.
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