Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Darlin' duex

Yesterday on this posting, I told you about miniature xmas trees I created for our staff meeting.  Here's tree number 2.

I call it my "Naughty or Nice" tree.  I found all of the decorations at the Dollar General store.  This cute little ornament was $1 and it MADE the tree!

This tree was a remake from a silent auction tree that needed a little bit of pizzazz!

Tulle is a great, inexpensive way to fill in those gaps.  

This little Naughty and Nice tags were from toothpick toppers, I yanked the toothpicks out and glued the tags to chocolate kisses.  

The second best find was a kitchen towel in the same them.  NIiiiccceee!

Which have you been this year?
Come back tomorrow for a view of this tree:

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