Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hop on the bus Gus, you don't need to discuss much

Hello! Welcome to what's song is on your mind this AM?  For me, it's "50 Ways to leave your lover."
That's kinda dating me, cause that song came out back in the 70s?  Anyway, it a catchy tune. 
Now, there were plenty of You tube rendition of this classic. But, I just HAD to download this one by the muppets.

Make a new plan stan and set yourself free.  Just hop on the bus, Guss. You don't need to discuss much.  ............

If you're still with me after this fun video, I want to tell you all about a month of giveaways here at Puddin n pie! 

From December 1st through December 31st anyone that emails me will recieve a sweet little something from me.  Nothing high dollar, no cash, just a litte prezzy to make your day brighter.  Click on my complete profile and then email me.  Soon, I'll figure out how to add an "Email me" button on my sidebar.
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