Saturday, June 2, 2012

How does your garden grow

It's been a wonderful week off from work this week and I've been busy working in the little plot of land behind our condo.  Since these pictures were taken there have been more changes, so come back in a few days for all the new pictures!

Had to untangle the lights.
How do they get so tangled?  I only took them down to clean them.

 My favorite little statue, "the bird girl," my homage to Savannah Georgia. One of my most favorite places on the earth.  I haven't traveled that much....

I found this light dome at the local thrift store.  I knew I wanted to use it for something, just didn't know what.
I always like to add something to my birdbath and decided to throw a couple of strands of mardi gras necklaces into the dome, add a couple of solar lights and here's the results

At night it glows, I'll get some pictures soon.  Several garden chairs.

Up close with a little touch of me...I found a whole set of red bike christmas ornaments.  
Bike ornaments.  
 Here's another little touch in a different planter that has a woodland theme.  A cute little squirrel.
Did you know you can feed your moss buttermilk and it will grow.
Who knew?

 A little bird nest in the same planter.
Note, all these cute little accessories were bought at yard sales/thrift stores.

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