Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dirty little people

I don't really have anything to say about dirty little people, except maybe wasn't it a song way back when?
Scroll all the way to the end of this posting to see the song I was talking about.  Can't believe we really liked that song back when.  It's stupid!!

But, either way, did the blog posting title catch your attention?  If  so, comment and tell me what you thought the posting was about!  I'm in a giveaway kinda mood...I'll send one of  you lovely readers (randomly chosen) some little prezzie!

don't you love the paper I used?

Now that I have your attention, please stick around....
Red Carpet Studio Design Challenge is hosting another challenge this week.
It's a layout challenge, so grab a photo, put it together in a CAS fashion  and enter into the contest.  This week the winner will win a $25 gift certificate from The Paper Parade (durn I wish I could enter!)

 This is a clean and simple layout, I love the technique that is popular today to splatter paint...There's a trick to make it look random, but good at the same time.  I haven't quite got the hang of that yet.
 The little brown eyed girl, featured here is showing off her plate of food during our family reunion in 1998.  What I don't have a picture of and wish I did,  was later in the day, the little brown eyed girl and her cousin(let's call her the little dark haired girl) got in a fist fight.
that's right
first time I saw  my daughter stand up to someone and not back down.  Never did find out what that fight was about.  I think I'll run over to my little dark haired niece's facebook and ask her about.  Surely, now the truth can be told!
In the top left corner I used some clear, glittery stickers spelling EAT.
Because who doesn't like to eat?  Besides, we have proof I like to eat--we've talked about that before and my girlish figure.
Hope you'll join us at the Red Carpet Studio Design Challenge!
If I can't win that great prize, maybe you can.
Run, don't walk.
See you next time!!

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