Thursday, April 19, 2012

Freaking Friday Fantabulous Giveaway( a little EaRLY)

So, it's on Thursday evening here in Nashville TN, but, we are making this post for FRIDAY!  This has been an incredibly crazy season for me, culminating in a 100 birthday party for Girl Scouts on Saturday.  All planned and ready to's an outside party and ....
there's a 60% chance of rain.
Now..the question is...
Chance it and have the party outside and let's sing in the rain!?

change the location to our preplanned rain location.

Aww, hell....I hate having to change locations.

But, that's not what you're hear to talk about are you?  Remember, I'm hosting a giveaway for my pop who's birthday was April 3rd.  He turned 84 and I have eighty four(more or less) items to give one lucky winner.
I love to pull vintage photos from my mom's facebook.(oh, yes, my 79 year old mom has a very active facebook account.)

Let's take just a moment to dissect this picture, shall we?
1. My dad, on the right, circa 1960, I wasn't even a twinkle in his eye yet. 
2. I'd love to know what he was saying to his father, my Grandfather, Fred H. Seay
3. My father would've been about 32 year old in this picture and my grandfather probably about 60ish 
4. Look at the cool crochet doiley on the back of the couch.  I bet my Grandma, Lila Seay, made that with her very own hands. Couldn't you die for the curtains...ooolala. I little bit of frilly for her humble home.
5. Does that look like a bed in the living room?
6. Check out the coffee table: baby bottle, beer bottle x 2, cigarettes and a lighter. 
7. What kinda party was going on in this house!
8.  See how my gramps is sitting and intently listening...I see that very same body language from my pop.  (it could be that he can't hear a word I'm saying, so he has to pretend--he wears two hearing aids that don't work too well. 

Here's a funny story, or at least, I think it's funny.  When we grandkids would go to visit our grandpa he would reach under his mattress for a sock full of coins that he called, "Shorty's money." (shorty was the dog) Grandpa would give us all a nickel to run down to the local grocery for some candy.  

You could get a lot of candy for 5 cents back in the day.....

It always kinda grossed me out a little bit that the sweet deliciousness was coming at the cost of a yucky old sock, but WAS candy.  for goodness sake.

So run on over to the original giveaway posting to see just exactly you could win. Follow the rules, share the love and let's get to partying like they did in 1960, baby bottles and ALL!

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