Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gravestones and goblins and angels--OH MY!

 It's been awhile since I've blogged, not because I didn't want to, just because time constraints of my job.  This is our busiest season and this girl is burnin' it at both ends.....
But, I just wanted to write SOMEthing...anything!

 I'm gonna tell you a little secret...I love visiting old graveyards. I love tombstone art and it's symbolism.  When I spot an old cemetery, I try to stop.... I want to go visit the people that have been there for many years. I take a moment and reminisce on who that person was and what their lives were like.  When I visited my little brown eyed girl last month, we,(my twin and I) took the morning to visit Green Lawn Cemetery .  We only spent an hour there, so we hardly saw anything.  I did get some beautiful pictures.  Wanna see some? 

check out her beautiful flower garland.  What work!

I decided no time like the present to investigate some of the symbolism of these tombstones.  Here, the angel on a tomb symbolizes spirituality (easy guess), she is set there to guard the dead and act as a messenger between God and man.  A garland can symbolize glory or victory in death--who knew! I thought she was just beautiful--and perhaps the person that picked this angel for this grave site thought the same.

I especially love her back...check it out:


It was a hot as Hades(pun intended) that day, but overcast, making a good day for pictures.  I'm no big time photog and all I use is a point and shoot camera...but I do love taking pictures, especially of these lovely monuments to someones dearly beloved.   This next monument

enthralled me because of the detail work.  Look at these toes...they look better than a fresh pedicure!

 I don't remember when this person passed, but you can definitely see some wear...but even after years of wear these toes still look divine!  The urn she's holding signifies eternal life and looking down on the grave may mean she's guarding the person there.  LOVE.

If you're bored already, go on and visit another blog...cause I have just a little bit more to talk about here....

I thought this little stone was enchanting for the name engraved across the top: HERBIE.  Not Herbert, but Herbie...
don't you want to know more about Herbie, just from these simple raised letters?
I'm always a little sad when I find these graves....children's graves.  I can't help but wonder how the parents were after they lost their little baby.

a wee angel for Joyce...

the little innocent child, represented by a worn away lamb
 This one is kinda creepy because it's a headless dove.  Probably vandalized or worn away over time.  But, creepy nonetheless.

just a small grave for a small child marked by a dove of peace(without a head....)
The very last one I want to show you kinda creeped me out a bit.  This sculpture was under glass so it looked ethereal and a bit spooky.  I kept imagining this lady at night--and what if this thing was lit up. I'd run like the Scooby Doo gang did in everyone of their episodes:

Here she is....

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