Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tag-erfic Saturday!

Saturday was a beautiful busy day at my home.  Thank goodness I was able to postpone some things on my schedule to complete these tasks.  Here's just a bit of what I did yesterday, these tags were made for some Girl Scout volunteers who are earning one of our highest awards.  I can't wait to celebrate their achievements!

This picture I took off center so you could see what's behind the "curtain."  I tape up a piece of white paper to the front of my aquarium.  Just started doing that, so my Angel Fish is very interested in what I'm doing.  See him on the right?

 Additionally, as soon as I get to messing around the aquarium, Sookie, the kitten is there too.  She has decided she LOVES fish food too.  Whatever little sprinkles fall outside of the aquarium is her's!! It seems like she interested in this tag--but really she's going for the sprinkles of fish food.

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