Thursday, May 10, 2012

We're not in Kansas anymore....

We're not in Kansas anymore...
Are we?
Did you know that Kansas is known as the Sunflower State? do now!
  In honor of Kansas (not really)  check out this CAS card.

I used glossy photo paper and alcohol ink for the sunflower.

 After the alcohol ink dried, I stamped the sunflower with Stayz on ink(black) and fussy cut.
 To add a little pizzaz to the  card I drizzled the center with glossy accents and sprinkled Martha Stewart microbeads into the center. All I gotta say is the person getting this card will be IMPRESSED!!

   I added a yellow gingham border, glittery flower border and a white ribbon. Pop dotted the sunflower and stamped  LOVE  and done! **snapping fingers**

If you're still reading, let me share this factoid about the state of Kansas.  I NEVER knew until I just googled Sunflower State.  Who knew Kansas used to be a "squatter sovereign state?"  Read on to find out how and why.  You'll be able to share this at your next party and impress EVERYONE.The Squatter State

Kansas was referred to as the "Squatter State" because of the new settlers that flocked into the new territory establishing claims to the land. Early squatters were from the slave state of Missouri. They moved in as quickly as possible to prevent the territory from being populated by people from free states, especially those from New England. Missouri squatters organized the Squatters Claim Association in 1854 in order to secure their claims to the land and prevent emigration from the northern states. Before any arrivals from the northern free states, nearly every man in west Missouri had staked a claim in the new territory of Kansas and become a "Squatter Sovereign" of the state. Almost all desirable land that was open to settlement had been claimed by pro-slavery Missourians.
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