Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fae Party 2012

Welcome to the Fairy Tea Party 2012!
You've been invited to a magical moment, so sit back, enjoy your tea and make sure to stay until the end of the party...there's  a prize at the end!

Hello little fairies, welcome to Puddin N Pie's magical garden party!

LittleTwinkle Fairy is here to greet you, "Come on in and enjoy your time!

Here's Puddin saying hello!  Walk through the ribboned birdbath to the fun beyond!
Oh, look and see who's already here, Flower Fairy and her bFF lumberjack gnome!
What a magical garden to host a party, why there's mushrooms of every color!
The glorious roses are here to greet you too!  All of them ready to entertain and share your joy!
 It's a beautiful day in the garden for a Fairy Tea!
Make sure to stop and enjoy the fragrance...that is what roses are for!
 Hello! And, welcome!!

The gazebo is decorated with beauty and charm, including party favors made by the world renown fairy glass artist, Chihuly...

All our gnomees are here!  They are ready  to partay!

The lady bug family, brought the little ones..they couldn't find a sitter.

It's been such a treat to spend the day with Puddin N Pie and her fairy friends....looks like the fairies had more than tea to drink

 Looks like this gnome had a little too much!
Become a follower and/or leave a comment about how much you enjoyed our party and you will be entered to win this book on how to capture the beauty of fairies in your art work
 Look what you can learn to draw!
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