Saturday, September 8, 2012

Favorite Quote of the week! Dog food

I almost spit my milk out when I read this Facebook posting.
I love Facebook, don't you?  We catch up with friends that we haven't seen in years.
One of those friends, Pam, has been my friend since I was 14 years years.
This photo was taken back in the day:
Oldie photo taken at Opryland Theme Park(closed many years ago, but people in Nashville still talk about wanting it back)
My twin, Jaymie, my sister, Nancy, Me. Mom and Dad. I can't believe we talked him into sitting for that picture--but SOOO glad he did!

Anyway, my friend Pam, had this posting on her facebook this week and I laughed so very hard!

I called to make the appointment for Annie's kitten's "surgery", and I guess the lady that answered the phone thought the kitten's name was funny. I don't know why, everyone should have a cat named Dog Food.

Aaannddd, that's all I need to say
high school graduation 1983

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