Friday, January 10, 2014

here a twine, there a twine. everywhere a twine, twine

Project #1 for the new year.

Which color twine do you think I should use on this tag?  Underneath the tag is the card the tag will be attached to.   Tell me in your comment which is your favorite color  and do you have a favorite memory associated with that color.

For instance, me, I love the color pink-it reminds me of when I was a newborn (because I can remember back that far), my parents put a pink bracelet on my wrist and a yellow bracelet on my twin's.

I have a theory that my oldest sister, Margie quietly snuck  into our bedroom and switched our bracelets when mom wasn't looking. She's like that.

But, then again, I think Patsy, my 3rd eldest sister, came in a few minutes later and switched them too. In the little scenario that I've made up Patsy didn't realize she was switching them back to the original child.

It was hard to tell us apart, check out this vintage photo where my mom had to put our initials on which one was which.
 I wear glasses all the time, while Jaymie doesn't have too.
Come back next week to see the final project, but that time I would've given the card to the recipient and I won't be spoiling their surprise.

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