Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wrong Season, Happy Layout!

Someone asked me the other day, "How do you like blogging?"  I said, "I love it, but I'm trying to determine where I want to go with I want to remain a personal blog or something else..."
Something else yet to be determined
Until then, I'll continue what I'm doing and I'm sure the direction I need to take will become clear.
Let's go.
I'm entering into a challenge with The Studio Challenge Blog to follow this sketch:

Here's my entry, remember I've learned that I enjoy have a solid color for my pages and add embellies as I want.
Poor little brown eyed girl, I have 27 years of photos in boxes waiting for something to do with them.  Guess you gotta start somewhere.  I chose this picture because it's on of my favs.  The little brown eyed dracula and Minnie Mouse.  My daughter, she always wanted to be the "creepy" halloween character. I take that back. She was Scarlett O'hara once.  (nevermind she wanted me to paint blood on her)

I'm also including this page into the Party Time Tuesday double your chances challenge where I needed to incorporate ribbon.
 The purple bead is from a dollar store party favor, I cut the bead out of the necklace.
 I so dig how the little witches feet hang out from under the black ribbon!
The stars are originally christmas ornaments I bought on clearance. No one wanted them because the ribbons were all tangles. How hard is it to cut the ribbon!  Easy-peasy!

That's 12 layers of paper, border, embellishments in one shot. Can you name them all?
Until next time friends,
Thanks for coming by for some Puddin N Pie.
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