Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Terrific Tuesday Giveaway!

Congratulation to Fuchsia from Fuchsia Crafty Notions Blog for winning this lovely magnet!  Stop by her blog and check out her bat out of hell creation.  Pretty outstanding, and I LOVE that she didn't have enough L's to spell HELL. Doesn't that always happen? 

So, Fuchsia has won a beautiful blue and silver magnet.  (I forgot to download the final picture--whoopsy!)

It started out as a drink coaster from a local bar....see

Then I painted with some blue acrylic paint.
Let it dry

Added some embossing with the ever so charming chandelier.  A quaint saying(ya'll can't see it because I forgot to download the final project.  Watch for a picture on tomorrow's post!)
A magnet. And viola!

Now..onto next week's giveaway! But, again, I forgot to download the picture!

You will want to be a part of this week's giveaway!  I'll give you an extra chance to win if you have your friends stop by!  Tell them to let me know you sent them!  Let's just see how many people comment on the Surprise giveaway!  Maybe if you visit tomorrow you'll find out what it will be...or maybe not!

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