Monday, March 26, 2012

it's a go.....

I've been invited to consign some of my art at a new shop here in my city, the shop is one of those quaint cottages made into commercial businesses.  I'm so excited, ya'll!  Check out the link to The White Dove

Here's one of my first pieces I'm working on....please remember it's a work in progress and has a whole lot more work to it.  If you squint your eyes just right you may be able to see where I'm going with it.
Sorry for the horrible photography...Who's a photog friend in my followers--gimme some tips!

you can't see it very clearly...but it will eventually say, "Sing a new Song" and the birdie will  stand out more.  Can't wait to try some of my new techniques I'm learning.  Whoopie!

 I'm also working on a blog header and business cards, etc.  I'm leaning toward something with these two favorite little characters: Pepe(the one antenna-ed ladybug) and Myrtle--the cute one.  The MR named these cute little hand-me-down salt/pepper shakers...he named them after us.
Watch for more news as the weeks progress.

By the way..for those of you that know I'm on a personal crusade to BAN Mondays from our calendars will like to know that incidents that happened today proving that Mondays are a bad idea.

Let's see if I can put this in a polite way, so as not to offend, or to end up in a file in my personnel folder at work.  We had a department conference call and well.....the...uhm....pressure is on.

That's all I can say.

Well...I guess I could say one more thing. At the end of this hairy day, the fella in the office next door to mine, (works for another company), stuck his head in my office door and said, "You ok?"
"Sure." I says with not much conviction (thinking to myself--oh, if I could only say what I really think)
The fella asks again, "Are you sure?  Have you looked in the mirror?"
Feeling a bit embarrassed, "I said, no....why?"
"You look like you've been riding in a convertible and your hair is wind blown!"
Needless to say...there was no riding in a convertible for me.  I'm guessing unconsciously I was pulling my hair while working through some of Monday(durn you Monday**raising hand in air and fist pumping**) problems.

Welcome Tuesday......
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