Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's been a month of Mondays...

Ever hear the expression, "Month of Sundays?

I declare that December 2013 has been a month of Mondays.

Think about it.
December 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd and 30th  were the official Mondays.
But Christmas was on a Wednesday, New Years Day is on a Wednesday.
The weeks with the holidays really have 2 Mondays in them.

I worked on the 23rd(monday) took 25th off(felt like a Saturday) then back to work on 26th-which felt like a Monday. Same this week. I worked on the 30th,(monday) will take January 1st off(will feel like a Saturday) and then back to work on the 2nd--which will feel like a Monday.

Lord, my head is spinning..

By the way, when I googled "head spinning" many of the images were from the movie "The Exorcist" one of the creepiest movies ever.

A little  known fact about me, I've never seen that movie, (thank you Mom and Dad for not allowing me to watch it as a teenager-when everyone else was watching it and I SO wanted to watch that creepy movie) don't ever plan to see that movie and it really still creeps me out--you would never have guessed that right?

So, happy end of the month of Mondays peeps and keep your chin up for 2014.

I've already begun a new year's resolution.  One of my very smart friends told me when I allow myself to be angry with someone-it allows that person " free rental" space in my head.
--I ain't a a landlord and if I was
I  sho' would be charging you rent.
High dollar
Penthouse pricing
Waterfront property pricing

So get on out of head....

What's you new year's resolve? Chime in.

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