Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let it Snow

Oh boy!
Oh Boy!
It's the first snow here in Nashville TN and oh boy I feel like a little kid getting out of school early due to the snow.
This is not NY snow
or NJ snow
this is TN snow.
 So, 1/4" to 1/2" is all it takes to call school off!
 Of course, I don't go to school, work at school or have kids in school so it really doesn't matter.
Why do I check for my counties on the Snowbird map?

Does anyone have an answer to that?
My boss had every right to be a little perturbed this morning when I rolled in one and a half hours late due to "snow." Let's not mention that I only live 5 minutes from work.  Safety first!  

Enough of that, let's talk about my "Let it snow" xmas tree!
I'm participating in the Christmas Tree Link Party and have a chance to win $100 buckeroos--so follow that link and vote for me.
insert **cheesy smile**

I created several miniature trees this year. This one is one of my favorites for its bright colors and
 PURPLE-ness.  You can't tell by the tree is a light purple.

 Dancing around the tree are these cute little penquins with pink hats.  Check out the large snow flakes and matching ornaments.  I am so proud of this little tree!

Make sure to visit the linky party and vote for me.


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