Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wacky-doo Wednesday

Hello Friends!

You've heard about the viral video, "What does the fox say?" right?
If not, check out the video below and read my oh so clever blog post here.

I just think that is the funniest and clever tunes and by the way, who doesn't wonder what the fox says?  At our family xmas party on Saturday I was singing this very song.  Today, my sister sent this photo to me on facebook:

My very cute Mother, the cutest woman on the planet, see:

Mom and Puddin
Anyway, this cute woman replies on the facebook:

I thought it was the fox , he says: ringelingelingggggggggg.

Remember dear bloggy friends to help me push toward the 1st place in the xmas tree competition.  Stop by this link and look for tree #26 with the penguin.  Click LIKE under the picture.

I know there are some really, really cute trees on this link--but you must click on mine--cause you love me.  **cheesy smile**


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