Monday, December 23, 2013

{Puddin N Pie needs your vote--NOW, don't delay}

Yes, you may hear some urgency in my voice!  I've entered a christmas tree into a linky party that has a $100 prize, up until today I've been on the top of the voting list. Yes, there some gorgeous trees on the linky party--but I have some very loyal friends who have been voting for me every single day.  Please join the ranks of voters and vote for me.

Please follow this link, scroll down to tree #26 with the penguin ornament and click LIKE.  You can vote once per day until December 25th--that's only 2 days.

Thank you for helping me end the year with a bang. Please vote!!
Oh, I almost forgot to mention.  I'll make a winning video performing your suggestions.  After you vote, come back here and leave a comment on what you would like to see me perform on the video.  So far, I've been asked to dress like an elf, sing Santa Baby, do the ganghom style dance, and twerk. yep, those are things I've been asked to do.  What craziness would you like to see me do--G rated!?

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