Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I'd love to stay, but really, I mustache....

2013 was a tumultuous year, I was glad to kick 2013 to the curb, say Adios, and see it's tail lights in my rear view mirror.  After the storm comes the calm, is that the saying?  Either way, this chick is glad for calm, peace, JOY, and laughter in 2014 and beyond.

It also helps that I'm medicated and I'm always happy now. (thank you modern medicine)
My nurse friend used to call it the Zoloft shuffle.
I'm a proud dancer of that shuffle, join along with me on this video.  or here.

I call it being the queen of 2014:
joy, love, laughter, family
What the heck does any of that have to do with this photo.

Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Except that I have time to stop and enjoy creating.
I created this layout using this photo as inspiration from Let's Capture Our Memories Color Spot
and this sketch from Paper Secrets

This close up features most of the shades of green.
Can you see that itsy bitsy key attached to the ribbon. LOVE it.
The Paper Secrets challenge also asked us to use something with each of these letters
Sequins, Parents, Round doily, Ink, Names, Green
i love the wood veneer arrow and sequins!! YEEE
Finally, Scrap Our Stash Challenge #2 asked me to use a paper doily. AND, Craft Hoarders  Anonymous again to feature some of the papers I have in my stash.
I love this iconic photo of my parents with the orange leather recliner

Ya'll!  Do you know how hard it is to hit all these points in one layout?
Are you impressed?

you're not?

what's the matter with you?

Thanks for stoppin' by for some Puddin' N Pie.

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