Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A GIVEAWAY in honor of my mommy!

Remember you can sign up for a HUGE giveaway.
You will want to participate!
In honor of my mom's 79th birthday we are giving away a gigantic amount of stash! 
Now look, wouldn't you give away something in honor of this cute face?

Ya'll may not be as impressed as I am at this picture. So let me give you 10 reasons why!
1. She's 79 and looks this good
2. She's freaking cute taking her picture in front of a mirror--like a young kid.
3. She downloaded this picture to her computer and then posted it on Facebook.
4. Yes, she has a facebook with 131 friends and she's uploaded every single family picture to her facebook profile. Every single black and white from the 1950s and all the rest up until preset. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
5. She's styling with her scarf(she loves her scarves and extra special if they have paisleys)
6. Check out those legs!
7. She has had the same hairdo since the 1970s.  She figures if it works--don't change it.
8. The only makeup she wears is a little splash of color on her lips.  Other than that she's au natural!
9.  She's a techno freak. She loves to learn and I aspire to be like her when I'm 79
10. She's my mommy!

Remember, Sookie the kitten will be taking care of your prize until January 31st when a winner will be picked randomly!

Go to THIS LINK to find out how to win.  I'll need you to leave your comments on the original post....follow the link!

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