Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Vintage Tea Cups

How about a spot of tea?  (best English, mixed with Tennessee accent around)
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I'm hosting a tea party and these are their invites

the invite says: "bring your teacup!"

I went thrift shopping and found a bunch of nice china tea cups.  Oh, how lovely!  I hate to admit it, but these cups were 49 cents each.  NOT EVEN 50 cents. I was a little bit sad to think that these beautiful cups belonged to someone once--who paid a pretty penny for matching teacups, saucers and the whole She-bang!  Now they've been discarded to the local Goodwill and sold as pieces for less than half a dollar each.  
It just don't seem right....
very shiny!

I wish you could really see the cup in the foreground. It takes my breath away--the china is so thin that the light shines through. oh my!

Not just china...but FINE china from Japan even!

So tell me...if you got this cup as an invite...would you come to my party?

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