Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How about a little romance with while we build a snowman?

This year I've decided to hone my craft by participating in more challenges. My first challenge for the year is to sign up for the Tag a Month at the Altered Paper .  Stop by The Altered Paper blog and sign up for swap.  I think you'll enjoy it!  I should be posting a picture of the tag I made...but silly me forgot to take a picture of the tags before I sent them.  Whoopsy--I hate when that happens.

Instead I will show you what I received in the mail.  I actually swapped with two partners this month.
1. Donna at The red apple junction blog
She wrapped her tag in this lovely doily delight, I wish I'd taken a picture without the tag so you could see just how special the wrapping was.
Oh, and the rose...

Now...let us stop for just a moment and adore the stick pin attached to the rosette.  

The second tag was just as delicious as the first....
sent me this cute little note card with a tag and other goodies inside.  

Sookie, the kitten was very interested in this package....I wonder, does Tina have pets?  

sookie inspecting the goodies!
A closer look at this cutie! The card, not the cat.  Well. ok, the cute cat too.  For those that have been following me for the past year. Sookie, the kitten, named after our favorite book/tv series character has grown into a full blown cat.  She ain't no kitten anymore.  

 Here we go, here's a picture without the kitten.Look at the detail in the inking.

If you've been hangin' out this long...then maybe you can give me some insight on the canvas below.  
I've been working on it for awhile. Setting it aside, working on it, setting it aside.  

I'm not finished with it yet.  There are still some more layers I want to add.  I was considering diluting the cream colored paint and adding that to all the canvas except the bird.  Then adding some more stamping 

By the way the bird is from a vintage bird identification book that I stole borrowed from my mom.  
Give me some ideas. What would you do?  

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