Monday, November 11, 2013


A letter to my dear ol' dad. Today, November 11, 2013 marks another Veteran's Day.

You tell us stories today of the good old days: the days when you barely escaped a bombing by diving out of the "bar" and into the bunker. And, everyone knew if you yelled, "Take cover," then they better take cover.  I love the story about how you jumped in the jeep to go get some bread for the breakfast meal only to find out you were on the front line.  Thank goodness no one got ya while you were out getting bread.

Most of all, I can remember those times when you would go off to either take another tour of Vietnam or when you returned from a long leg of training and all I wanted to do was crawl up in my daddy's lap and be with you.

From personal experience I know that there are many men that don't return from war. ( RIP Tommy Field and other from October 3rd, 1993.) I thank my lucky stars and my God in heaven that I have you in  my life today.
love ya pops!  

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