Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fancy Nancy and #ThrowBackThursday

My very own Fancy Nancy and ode to #throwbackthursday.
Vintage photo below (edited through PicMonkey)
is our family without dad at the local USO getting our picture made with Santa.
My mom, the cutest woman on the planet, is probably 34ish here with 6 children.
How did she do it?

Santa and the Seays 1967

Back to Nancy, she's the infant in the photo starring at the tree.

Nancy, sweet Nancy, the 3rd twin.  All these years later she wants a muff like ours(see photo).  I mentioned that to our mom recently and she said Nancy DID have a muff when she was younger, but it didn't make it in the photo.  Yay!  We have dispelled the "special" twin muff dispute.  

My sis, Nancy, had the hair I always wanted. Thick, red and cute curls. 

Oh, how I wanted curls like those! 
Here, one of my favorite photos of her ever. We loved to play dress up, hence the ball gown. In her lap is a neighbor's dog: Precious. (the most spoiled dog we knew back then-he ate better than his owner).

Let us pause a  moment and enjoy her bare feet. 

My sis, a loyal friend, dear sister, Mom 

 and loving Nana.  Watching her with her grandchildren makes me want to be an Oma soon.  No pressure-little brown eyed girl.  

Marley and Camden
Nancy makes me laugh and more importantly, she makes herself laugh so hard she cries.  
Here she is doing her version of the newest scandal. twerking 

Miley Cyrus has nothing on her
My sis loves to  chase orbs, check out how many are in this photo!

and she's experimenting with beads and painting

To you sis, happy #throwbackthursday!

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