Saturday, September 24, 2011

Underwear is important!

It's the weekend *high jump with a round off*
It's been one of those weeks where I couldn't wait to hybernate for the weekend. 
I am so glad to have Saturday with hardly anything to do!  Leave me a comment about your weekend, tell me whatcha gonna be doing?

I think the MR and I will break the bikes out for the first time this year.  Usually we would be on the bikes a lot during the summer, but remember how hot this summer was, read this post.

I'm so glad the MR wore blue undies this day. I'm just saying...

This picture was taken a year ago when we went to Edisto Island in South Carolina. Let me tell is the best kept secret. Not a lot of touristy type stuff, one grocery store, most everything accessible by bike.  We rented bikes for the week and had such a wonderful time.  If it was up to me I'd go to Edisto Island every vacation.  I love it for a vacation time, unplugged, uninterrupted and relaxed.

This past week I needed just a little bit of  retail therapy.  And, of course, stopped by Michaels, don't tell the MR. (although he's probably reading this right now), I bought this.

Martha Stewart cupcake punch

I absolutely can not WAIT to use it!  I've got this idea for a few REALLY cute cards and tags.  Hopefully, I can come up with something new...not something already done.  Ya'll keep watching and give me some feedback. My friends at Faboo Cakes said they would like to have a few of my things to sell at their new location.  Really!  I'll give a try!

I'm so excited for the traffic this blog has received in the past week.  Thank you to my loyal followers who have added a link to their post, sent me some blog love and encouraged me all week long.  I get email notifications on my phone and am so excited when I see an email saying, "New Comment on your blog!"  "Whipppeee!!!"***jumping for joy!***

There's still time to join my first ever my Tag Tuesday Giveaway,
stop by and getcha some Puddin N Pie!
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