Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wacky Doodle Wednesday! (and a Giveaway)

One day my sister and I were thrift store shopping.  We turned the corner  and found a whole bin of these little furbie fellas.  (see picture below) They are so cute. We were mesmerized by their sweet faces and innocent nature.  Their cute beaked faces were sending telepathic messages that screamed, "Take us home!  Take all of us home!" 

The furbies innocent, "polly-anna" types would never believe that there was evil in their world.  It couldn't be!  Everything was pink and happy and everyone was singing.  You might understand the furbies mind set better, if you knew according to their profile, the furbies are 2nd cousins the Smurfs--and they are SWEEEETTT.

Unfortunately, there loomed danger for the furbies.  We were able to snap a picture of  the angry pink and purple striped (hahaha! pink and purple--how scary) monster before he rocked their world.(investigative reporting at it's best).

don't look up little furbies. 
My cute little mom has a whole set of furbies sitting by her computer. Remember my mom, the cutiest little german lady on the planet?

78 years of cuteness....get ya some!

Anyways, this my mom enjoys furbies--I guess cuteness needs to be surrounded by cuteness!   It's a little creepy sometimes when I'm using her computer and feel like I'm being watched...but wait.  I am.  I am surrounded by several shelves of our beaked, furry fellas. I'm always a little leary that at any moment they might break out in song. 

Remember you have an entire week to enter into  the most wonderful tag giveaway ever .  Don't dilly dally, get over to that link and add your name to the giveaway.  I have such low follower-ship that chances are high, that you'll win.  (sideways plea for you to help spread the word about my giveaway and in the meantime I gain followers. *guilty grin)

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Getcha Some,
Puddin N Pie
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