Sunday, September 18, 2011

Slow Down Sunday, I ain't ready to go back to work...

Durn if it ain't Sunday evening again and I'm gearing up for the work week.  What is your normal Sunday night routine?  Do you pull your clothes out for the day, iron anything and shine your shoes?  Funny story for twin, ya'll remember her, right?
Georgie Porgy, puddin N pie and her twinny: Jaymie
Jaymie makes fun of me cause I'm a little bit over the edge when it comes to organizing.  Maybe not so much now...I've relaxed a little bit--really--really I have.  Her actual comment to me was that I was anal retentive. Welllll...I just don't like the way that sounds, so we'll just say that I'm a good organizer.  

When I was a young girl in high school I was very particular about my clothes.  I would take Sunday and pick out my clothes for the week.  I would organize the clothes in my closet.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  All laid out and ready to go.

I just loved looking in my

closet during the week and seeing my clothes all lined up and ready to go.  Of course there were days when that particular outfit just didn't work for my mood.  We all have those days, right? 
Or, remember when you were in high school and your bff would call and say she was wearing a dress that day and you HAD to wear one too? 

Facebook is a wonderful thing, isn't it? After so many years out of contact with my best friends from high school, I've reconnected with some of my best friends on the planet.  It's so nice to have friends that knew you when you were just a young person with no problems.  I'm gonna give them a shout out before we move forward. 

Cheryl and boo from high school.  Why am I the only one that has her mouth open?

Today I was working a little on canvas I'd like to sell at the Mistletoe Market Place    this November.  By the way, if you're near Nashville TN and want to be a vendor at this, sign up and come on down.  If you spend a couple of days, I 'll give you a tour of Music City.  Here's the beginning of a canvas, I was planning on the lay out. What do you thnk of the cool bird? It's  a vintage image from a bird book from my mother. 

I'm going to color the canvas with light blue acrylic paint, then stamp and then paint again.  A few pieces of collaged papers, covered again with paint.  More stamps, more paint and an inspirational saying--I'm not going to tell you yet. It will be a surprise! 

Tell me what you think of the vintage bird.  I was so intrigued by her and I'll be wrapping her long colorful tail around the canvas.  Yummers! 

sookie giving her 2cents

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