Friday, September 16, 2011

Taking the plunge!

This week I signed up for my first booth to peddle my wares.  I'm nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof--as the saying goes.  How many of my followers have sold their stuff in a market setting?  Ya'll comment below and tell me your first experiences.  So for me.....this is what it feels like

But, I'm not near as svelt or elegant as this diver. I bet she'll go into the pool without a splash.  You know, that's what they always say during the Olympics..."oh boy!  that dive was perfect, hardly any splash."  Not me, ladies and gent, nope. nada. me. I'm gonna make a big splash...sorta like this fella.

And, I'll look about like he does in a swim suit...just saying. We've had conversations about my girlish figure...remember?  To remind you of my girlish figure, here I am on our wedding day.  The MR and I kept tossing around the idea of getting hitched, but....everytime we talked about it, both of us back pedaled really quick.  We both wanted to take the plunge(you like how I tied that into the title of this post?), but we were skerred of that commitment. 

One May day in 2009, when the the little brown eyed girl was coming for  a visit to TN  I said to the future MR.  "Hey, you wanna get married while the girl's in town?"  And he said yes.  So, on May 19 we went down to the County Mayor"s office and said "I do."  It was funny, I had worked that morning and my sweet friends from work, (who by the way, thought I was nuts for working on my wedding day) came along as my bridesmaids, along with  my sweet little girl and my twinny.  Again, that day I was nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof---someone gimme another saying that relates to nervousness!  help a new blogger out.  I know, my friend Eartha Kitsch at Ranch Dressing Blog will have a hum-dinger for me.  Help me out Eartha....

So before we get to the REAL plunge I started talking about. Let's visit this stunning picture.  After my wedding my new inlaws hosted a wonderful reception for the new Horn family.  It was a quaint, wonderful day.  I was welcomed into the arms of the MR's. family like I was a new wife or something. (haha)  My sisters and came to the reception too.  And someone snapped this shot of me, my twin and our baby sister, Nancy.  Nancy doesn't like anyone touching her.  Hands off!  You only get one hug a year--on her birthday.  And, that's it.  So, we were giving her a little ribbing about it ...and....this is the moment caught forever....

one of my favorite of the three of us, really.

mom and dad have this over their mantle (if we they had a mantle)

we made this our xmas photos for that year.....

it is the most stunning visual capture of three sisters ever....

are you ready?

are you sure?

maybe I shouldn't show you?  Maybe you'll fall in love with the three of us and start stalking us?

you wouldn't do that, would you?


here you go

Stunning isn't it!?

Ok. so, back to the plunge I was originally talking about.  The local women's club is hosting a Mistletoe Marketplace in November and offered members a good deal on a table.  I decided I would try it, what could it hurt?  If I don't sell a thing, then I know what everyone is getting for their xmas gifts....ya'll know what I'm talking about. 

Here's where I need your advice....I'm thinking about doing these types of things:
3.5 x 3.5 magnets with inspirational sayings. 
And these:

These are 2x2 memory glass with alcohol inks and stamps magnets.  I was especially excited about these because I'm thinking I'm going to just make a bunch of letters and let shoppers make their own words.  Like:  LOVE
or they could make names like

Followers, I need your advice, what do you think of this idea?  Would you purchase them?  I'm all kinds of excited...kinda like a cat on a hot tin roof. oh.wait. that cat is nervous...not excited. 

My twin says I should make a few of these:

But, I wasn't sure. So ya'll tell me the truth I can take it.  I promise.  I could use guidance from other people selling stuff on how to merchandise the items for best selling opportunities.  If you know a fellow blogger that does this on a regular basis , please share this posting and ask them to give me some good advice.

I'll end with this photo..cause that's what I feel like inside right now:

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