Saturday, August 4, 2012

Favorite Quote of the week 8-4-12

Aww, Saturday...
How I wish we had a whole week of you.
PJ's all day
Sleep late
Mid day snooze
early to bed

Every Saturday I like to share with you some highlight of my week.  You know those moments in time where you smile at something someone said...those moments you wish you could hold onto and visit over and over.

But, let's take a time travel moment(I know, it's not Time Travel Thursday), I just ran across this photo on my mother's facebook(yes, my 79 year old mommy has a facebook AND she's scanned every single family photo and uploaded them to Facebook)

My mom and her ONLY pair of jeans ever. 1962

Now. back to the story and my favorite quote of the week.
Mom of four(2 girls, 2 boys) was talking to me this week about life at her house.  In pleasant conversation she said, "Yay, I let him go pee on the fence."
"Whaddyou say?"
"Oh yay, when Ian is a good boy, I tell him he can go outside and pee on the fence."
"It's a boy thing."
"They like to do that kinda stuff and it's cheap."

maybe you had to be there, but I laughed my guts out.

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