Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time Travel Thursday 8-9-12


  • the year of the Cuban missel crisis with the Russians and JFK
  • folk music evolved to protest music thanks to artists like Bob Dylan(does anyone understand him?)
  • A new hit  tv show was on prime time: The Beverly Hillbillies(my personal favorite)
  • James Bond became an instant legend in 1962 with his first movie, "Dr. No."(does anyone drool over the new James Bond: Daniel Craig like I do?  Man, he is HOT!)

my mom had her 3 little girls photographed by Olan Mills
Left to right: Kathy, Patsy, Margie
Matching dresses and cute as buttons.  Look at their chubby little hands! My twin and our little sister weren't even a sparkle in my parents' eyes yet....what a cute set of little girls!

A few years later, this photo was taken. 1964

Right to Left: Margie, Kathy Patsy
Come by tomorrow for some more Puddin N Pie!
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