Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Anything goes on Tiara Tuesday!

Hello Friends,
It's our weekly installment of Tiara Tuesday, and here's the photo for this week
just a glimpse of the tiara 
I'm thinking about adding a linky tool to this posting so others can take selfies with their tiaras and share. Would you join in if I added a linky?  Leave me a comment, just think you could be a part of a new trend  AND we are making it happen!  #tiaratuesday

Today I'm joining up with Craft Hoarders Anonymous to join in their 1st ever challenge!  Click on over and check them out!  This week's challenge goes like this:
Challenge #1: What's Your Style?
Share a project that showcases your signature style. Dig into your hoard and pull out items that make you shout with crafty joy! Whip up something that has your creative name all over it. Do you, because no one is you-er than you!

This is a good challenge for me since I'm still defining my still. 

I do know it's our family's annual "Love your sister day," February 13th, which is so close to Valentines day that a person has to add hearts.  I have a bunch of sisters and I added a couple of friends' valentines too.  I'm disappointed in the lighting of these pictures-Remember I'm still trying to perfect picture lighting and camera settings.  I want to blame the equipment--but to tell the truth--it's probably user error.  I use PicMonkey as a photo editor--but I think a person has to start with a good photo and work from there.  Keep up with this photo learning lessens this year.  It is a goal of mine!  

These define my style in that I LOVE birds and birdcages and color!  I also enjoy being on trend, so there's some Chevron and grey & yellow. According to Sherwin Williams Grey is the new Black. 

 I added Glossy Accents here and there to add a little punch to the raised texture(another trend-stencils and modeling paste. (oh so much fun).  Then I used mists and stains to create the background colors.  These are more red in person then orange.  (user error)

Way back in high school I took 4 years of French and today I can only speak a few words of love, "Je'Taime tres beaucoup!" and "Je'Tadore." (I can still count to 10, but who cares!! I would much rather say Je'Taime than 1-2-3)

Happy #tiaratuesday and #loveyoursisterday !

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