Thursday, July 21, 2011

Roses are Red....

Oh, I am so excited to make this posting.  Kristen at Twinkle twinkle like a star  is hosting the Summer of Color party and this week the color is RED.  LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

I just returned from visiting my little brown eyed girl, ya'll remember her, right?

She lives in Ohio and while I was there we went to this location:

If you are ever in Columbus, you NEED to go to this park. Oh my, this garden is a beautiful place to visit!  Just a little story, my little German mother has always had a green thumb and loves flowers.  She passed on her love  to her children.  I don't have a green thumb, but really enjoy a beautiful garden.

mom's birthday 2011
Isn't she lovely?  That's my pop next to her, they've been married for over 50 years. 

When we were little children my mother had gardens all over our yard, including this beautiful climbing rose bush. Below you can share in the joy of  my two older sisters posing next to a beautiful bush.  Don't you dig their vintage clothing?(not vintage at the time...) I'm sooo in love with the hounds tooth, my big sister, Margie is wearing.  So fashion conscious! 

Anyway, my twinnie and I visited the beautiful rose garden in Columbus.  Here's my twinnie peeking out from one of the bushes!

Jaymie stopping to smell the roses!
In honor of the summer of color, red week, here are some of the beauties that we found....

tip toe through the tulips..eer, I mean roses

I believe this one was named "George Burns"

1967 5 little girls, one in the tummy.
When we were little girls, our mother would take us to the local rose garden after Sunday church. I loved this field trip, the gardens were lovely!  The rule was we could pick up all the petals we found on the ground, but could not touch the flowers.  I can remember running through the garden and looking for all the petals on the ground.  I treasured them and can remember all the different colors in my little chubby hands:  yellow, white, pink and red.

Aww, the heady smell of the roses!

As we walked through this garden, my twin and I relived those wonderful memories with our mom.  Including the petals on the ground.

a little gazebo

Have you ever wondered what roses see?

I'm not getting paid for this endorsement, so if anyone knows how I can get paid for it, lemme know.  All I can say is GO to this garden if you're in Columbus Ohio!  I will visit it everytime I go to Ohio.
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